New entry in the smart home sector: ABB acquires Eve Systems


ABB Stotz-Kontakt has made a landmark acquisition, acquiring Eve Systems GmbH, a leading smart home products company based in Munich with a strong market presence in Europe and the US. This strategic decision positions ABB as a leader in providing smart, energy-efficient solutions for home and building renovation. By integrating Eve Systems into ABB’s extensive technology portfolio, the company can leverage the latest standards such as “Matter” and “Thread” to enable accelerated and safe modernisation.

Intelligent and energy-efficient: building renovation in the focus of demand

The increasing demand for smart home technologies is based on users’ awareness of the environmental footprint of buildings. Consumers want to reduce their energy consumption by using energy-efficient solutions and thus contribute to reducing global carbon emissions. At the same time, governments are creating incentives to support the refurbishment and modernisation of buildings and encourage the transition to more sustainable housing solutions.

Eve Systems sets standards in user-friendliness and quality”

Since its foundation in 1999, Eve Systems has gained an outstanding reputation for its user-friendly and high-quality smart home products. The company is one of the pioneers of the new “Matter” communication protocol and, with a workforce of around 50 employees, enables the seamless interoperability of smart home products via the “Thread” radio standard. With a wide range of components for home automation, energy management, security and appliance control, Eve specifically addresses the growing need for energy-efficient solutions for households with more than half of its products.

Simplified energy management with comprehensive safety and comfort

In terms of smart home technology, Mike Mustapha, head of ABB’s Smart Buildings division, emphasised the importance of the new “Matter” and “Thread” standards. By seamlessly integrating different devices and services, users have the ability to conveniently and securely control their energy consumption and environment. The acquisition of Eve opens up an exciting growth opportunity for the industry and allows users to benefit directly from ABB’s focus on smart buildings.

Successful market penetration of smart home technologies continued

Eve Systems will become part of ABB’s Building and Home Automation Solutions portfolio as a standalone brand under the ABB umbrella. This strategic acquisition strengthens ABB’s presence in the smart home technology market and enables the company to leverage its expertise in the renovation and modernisation of existing buildings to offer tailored solutions for greater comfort and energy efficiency.

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