Improved Data Management and Orchestration with Belden Horizon Console


The enhanced Belden Horizon Console allows for improved control of data orchestration and management, enabling industrial environments to send OT data for analysis to their cloud service. Additionally, it supports the connection of multiple remote networks through a console connection, enhancing the flexibility and scalability of data transfer.

Hirschmann Industrial HiVision 8.4 simplifies device replacement process

The Hirschmann Industrial HiVision Version 8.4 simplifies device replacement with its new Zero Touch Device Replacement configuration. Users can easily swap out devices without the need for manual configuration, saving time and effort. The enhanced MultiConfig function, along with new dialogs and parameters in the HiOS firmware, provides a more user-friendly experience and added convenience during the device replacement process.

The Hirschmann BXP Managed Switches, part of the BOBCAT eXtreme Performance series, offer a compact design and enhanced flexibility, making them ideal for industrial environments with increasing bandwidth demands. With speeds of up to 10 Gbps, these switches ensure efficient data transfer and improved interoperability between devices. Their advanced features and reliable performance make them a valuable addition to any network infrastructure.

The new Lumberg Automation LioN-X 16DIO IO-Link Hub LC offers a convenient solution for powering industrial applications without the need for an M12 L-coded power connector. With its reliable power supply capabilities, it can effectively support a wide range of industrial devices.

The Belden Indoor/Outdoor (I/O) Plenum (CMP)-Stadium cables are designed specifically for outdoor use, underground cable channels, and overhead line applications. With their CMP classification for climate-controlled indoor environments, they are also suitable for use in water environments.

The Belden OSDP 658HMS access control cables provide a reliable solution for connecting OSDP readers and other door components to access control systems. With their CMP classification, these cables ensure dependable performance in climate-controlled indoor environments.

The REVConnect connection technology system from Belden is designed to support isolated cable diameters ranging from 1.3 mm to 1.45 mm, making it versatile and efficient. With its unique single connection method, it simplifies installation processes and reduces time and cost expenditures. This system is ideal for various industrial applications where reliable and easy-to-use connectivity is essential.

Improved Data Orchestration and Management with Belden’s New Products

The improvements made to the Belden Horizon Console allow for better control of data orchestration and management, making it an ideal solution for businesses operating in critical environments. Additionally, the Hirschmann Industrial HiVision Version 8.4 simplifies device replacement and enhances user-friendliness, ensuring seamless operations. The compact design and high speeds offered by the Hirschmann BXP Managed Switches address the increasing bandwidth demands of modern industrial settings. Furthermore, the Lumberg Automation LioN-X 16DIO IO-Link Hub LC provides reliable power supply without the need for connectors, offering convenience and efficiency. Overall, Belden’s new product lineup caters to the diverse needs of businesses in critical environments, providing a multitude of advantages.

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