Cargo Monitor: IoT solution from Nexxiot for more transparency in the supply chain


Cargo Monitor is designed to increase transparency in the supply chain. The condition of goods plays a role especially in the transport of perishable goods. Nexxiot has developed the robust sensor for monitoring such goods.

Cargo Monitor: Delivers real-time data worldwide

Nexxiot is a provider of TradeTech solutions and takes care of the digitalization of logistics processes. With Cargo Monitor, the company is introducing a new product. The novel IoT sensor combines the highest data quality as well as connectivity with an easy-to-use, compact design. It provides real-time information on the condition and location of transported goods worldwide. This is expected to contribute to greater transparency as well as efficiency in the supply chain.

The need to monitor the condition of goods

Today, about 90 percent of the world’s goods and commodities are transported by container ships. This includes many sensitive or perishable goods. Once they are packed and loaded, it is difficult to reliably monitor their condition. Moisture, temperature fluctuations as well as strong vibrations can have a negative impact on the quality of the cargo.

End-to-end transparency with Cargo Monitor

Matilda Bouchet, Managing Director, Head of Cargo at Nexxiot, says, “Today, there are about 40 million standard containers in intermodal use worldwide, very few of which companies can monitor digitally.” She goes on to explain, “Until now, shippers and other transport stakeholders have had little to no visibility into the condition of their goods in transit.

Nexxiot’s new Cargo Monitor aims to change that by providing end-to-end supply chain visibility. By continuously providing data using the resilient, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement IoT sensor, we aim to drive change in the logistics industry.”

Nexxiot sees industry needs

The Cargo Monitor was developed by Nexxiot specifically to monitor sensitive and high-value products in transit. It is simply attached to the cargo in the container before shipment. It can then be connected to the Wireless Maritime Services (WMS). This provides ships on the high seas with cellular and Internet connectivity. This makes the sensor particularly suitable for monitoring pharmaceuticals, sensitive industrial products, perishable goods, electronics or textiles during transport by sea.

Nexxiot relies on its own software

Nexxiot relies on its own developed software. This informs the user in real time of excessive humidity or temperature fluctuations, for example. It is also easy to operate. It is also possible to track the origin of goods and possible problems such as unplanned interruptions. The real-time data obtained is processed by Nexxiot into data-driven insights in an intelligent cloud. Cargo Monitor users can benefit from this. The functions of the IoT sensor can be adapted to diverse customer needs as well as commodity groups.

Cargo Monitor: meets the needs of the industry

Matilda Bouchet from Nexxiot makes clear the importance of international goods transport and functioning supply chains in current times. She also highlights the need for information on quality as well as location of cargo. “The new Nexxiot Cargo Monitor is thus a quantum leap for supply chain transparency and intelligence,” concludes Bouchet.

The Cargo Monitor combines technological innovations to meet the demand for greater transparency. This includes, for example, a powerful transceiver with innovative antenna design as well as low power consumption. From anywhere in the world, this transmits important data and provides stakeholders with insight into the exact status of the cargo.

The hardware device also features integrated power management and a rechargeable battery. Add to that over-the-air firmware updates, powerful connectivity, rugged design, and sensor capabilities. Continuous data transmission – even with international, long supply chains – is ensured by an operating time of 90 days.

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