Cavli Wireless C16QS: LTE CAT1.bis module


Cavli Wireless is considered one of the first manufacturers of dedicated cellular modules suitable for IoT. In collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, CAT1 has now been presented as a new module.

Cavli Wireless C16QS: The next generation of CAT1 modules.

Qualcomm Technologies and Cavli Wireless have teamed up to release the next generation C 16 QS. Breakthrough speeds are promised, so the new C 16QS solution provides the foundation for IoT advancement and widespread use. Thanks to the technical requirements now provided via the Cavli Wireless C16QS CAT1 module, IoT is now becoming usable for a wide range of use cases. Nothing stands in the way of introducing IoT in the areas of POS machines, asset tracking and e-mobility.

The scalability of the modules is particularly noteworthy. This capability makes the modules suitable for everyday use in a wide range of applications. Until now, the lack of or only limited scalability was still considered a problem that prevented the consistent use of modern technology. This has now come to an end.

The Cavli C16QS has been built on 3GPP Release 14 and has integrated GNSS and eSIM. Particularly profitable for OEMs is the low price of the module, which is said to cost under five US dollars. This allows hardware costs to be significantly reduced. Across all industries and borders, the added value of IoT hardware that can be coupled with the Cavli Hubble is evident.

To be managed is the Cavli Wireless C16QS via Hubble Lens. The path to true scalability is clear, as customers can use the field device without remote assistance or diagnostics. Remote debugging is also possible.

New technology available now

Interested customers can already order customer samples. Production is just getting underway, and will be in full swing at the Indian plant before the end of 2023. Cavli CEO John Mathew said in a recent interview that the Cavli C16QS represents the start of a great collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and that LTE CAT1 is the beginning of a new era in IoT. The new cellular modules are currently unrivaled thanks to their scalability and integrated new technology, allowing Cavli to once again showcase its unique selling point of technological advancement.

About Cavli

Cavli has become known for manufacturing cellular modules that are IoT-enabled and designed to significantly improve device reliability. At the same time, it is all about accelerating advanced development processes that enable various applications. The integrated eSIM in the smart cellular modules allows Cavli to improve global cellular connectivity. Users are offered cheaper data rates, and the management of Internet-enabled devices becomes easier.

Moreover, subscription management has become possible in a centralized way through Cavli modules. Cavli Hubble is the platform needed for this, based on the cloud. The current collaboration with Qualcomm future-proofs the company and moves it forward in the market.

Currently, Cavli can be reached through its three headquarters in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Contact the European headquarters: www.
Calle Calencia 349
1 -3a, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

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