Cradlepoint R2100 Series 5G: Router-on-the-Roof for Vehicle Roof Mounts


5G routers are not new to Cradlepoint; in fact, the company has long been a market leader in 4G and 5G. Now the new series is coming to market with the Cradlepoint R2100, and with it the router for the roof of the car.

New Cradlepoint R 2100 router for the car roof

Digital signage as well as IoT installations become future-proof with 5G and the new Cradlepoint R2100. The new router from market leader Cradlepoint is made for mounting on the roof of vehicles and can radio in the midband range of 5G. This makes the new router perfect for applications that require a lot of data. The areas of public safety, mass transit and IoT are served by it.

It also makes it easier for firefighters and police to transmit video data. The R2100 router does not need any antennas in the outdoor area, so there are no cables. Power is supplied via Power-over-Ethernet and thus via LAN cable. This, in turn, means low costs for housing and vehicle construction, which is particularly noticeable for large quantities. The router can also be used as an adapter if 4G installations from Cradlepoint are already in place.

Possible applications of the Cradlepoint R2100

The R2100 router can be used more frequently as the network expands with 5G. More and more travelers want to use broadband WLAN on public transport – they will be well served by the Cradlepoint R2100. Fleet operators will also be among the customers if they want to retrieve and track their fleet data in real time. They can also use it to plan maintenance intervals, which significantly increases efficiency within their own companies.

Fire departments can call up real-time data in the database, and the police stream videos to their control centers. A LAN connection is thus no longer necessary, and thanks to 5G and the R2100, the data is sent on in high resolution.

Advantages of the Cradlepoint R2100

The R2100 router can be installed on the enclosures of digital signage and IoT devices. It can also be mounted on the roof of a vehicle. Modem, antennas and router are integrated here, the housing is aerodynamically designed.

The router is protected against the effects of weather and impacts, it complies with the IP67 standard. There is also sufficient protection against vibrations and vandalism. WiFi-6 is available as an option, the router can be used independently or as a supplement.

The main advantages include:

  • easy installation
  • seamless integration
  • WiFi complement
  • provision of edge computing functions
  • high security for all essential functions
  • About Cradlepoint GmbH

The US-based company is dedicated to connecting people, things and places. Cradlepoint was founded in 2006 and is considered a pioneer in the field of WLAN. The focus is clearly on routers and the new mobile communications standards, which include LTE and 4G as well as 5G. The target group for Cradlepoint is companies and public authorities that rely on secure, high-performance and reliable networks. The new router solution is designed to make Internet use on the move even more efficient and secure.

For more information, contact the company's headquarters in Boise, Idaho, USA, and its contact in the United Kingdom:

Cradlepoint HQ
1100 W. Idaho Street
Suite 800 Boise, ID 83702
5389 United States

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