Digi Containers: Better applications on mobile routers from Digi


Digi International is recognized as a global leader in IoT solutions and products and services for enhanced connectivity. Now Digi Containers is launching to allow custom applications.

Digi Containers to help developers

Digi International has now unveiled Digi Containers, a new software solution for developers. With its software service, the world’s leading provider of IoT solutions is focusing on making it easier to develop and adapt customized applications for mobile routers. Digi Remote Manager is used as the central portal to deploy and manage the applications. Developers get exactly the help they need for edge computing.

They consolidate processor hubs with the new software service just as easily as they can respond to different use cases. Developers rely on Lightweight Linux Containers, which share the running core of the real machine as virtual machines. Processes thus run in the container at the same speed as in the host device.

Such containers are lightweight and can be used flexibly, but they still provide the required security for such applications. Developers can thus use Digi solutions to respond to specific requirements. As a special plus, Digi International’s solution now makes it possible to upload and manage applications based on the use of containers. Digi Remote Manager also makes monitoring and deployment activities easy. Thus, even complex container series can be managed.

Digi Containers is implemented via Lightweight Linux Containers (LXC) (Photo: Digi International)

Digi Containers is implemented via Lightweight Linux Containers (LXC) (Photo: Digi International)


Advantages of Digi Containers

Applications can be used in private and public clouds, which gives enterprises the added flexibility. Containers are also scalable and offer a high level of security. At the same time, there is autonomy from the operating system, which in turn means that development and operating speeds are significantly better.

By dispensing with a separate operating system, fewer resources need to be available for containers and several containers can run on just one server. For companies, this in turn means lower costs and fewer opportunities for downtime.

According to Digi International, the full power of edge computing can now finally be unlocked. Developers can take advantage of new features and capabilities by working in the embedded software environment, plus container-based applications are easier to build and support.

In that context, note the improved network analytics applications that mean networks can be customized to specific locations. Current data and historical overviews of networks are no longer a problem thanks to “Digi intelliFlow”.

Digi Remote Manager: Build Deploy Run ( Photo: Digi International)

Digi Remote Manager: Build Deploy Run ( Photo: Digi International)


About Digi International

Founded in 1985, the company has become known for providing solutions and services for the Internet of Things. Next-generation products can be developed with the help of Digi, infrastructures for communication can be deployed and managed securely and reliably even in demanding environments. Today, more than 100 million products have been connected using Digi, and the number is growing.

Contact with the company is possible through the following address in Germany:

Digi International GmbH
Tel: +49-89-540-428-0
Internet: www.digi.com

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