Elsner Elektronik: Electric vehicle charging columns for sustainability


Smart building specialist Elsner Elektronik is providing eight new charging points for customer, employee and company vehicles at its Ostelsheim site. In addition to convenient charging of electric vehicles, the main objective of the expansion was to optimize the use of hybrid vehicles. A reduction in CO2 emissions is only possible if the hybrids are predominantly driven electrically. With the possibility of daily charging, this can now be implemented in an uncomplicated manner.

Elsner Elektronik invests in new charging columns

In 2017, Elsner Elektronik already had a public charging station built on its premises. Employees also charge their electric vehicles here. However, the growing number of electrified vehicles was increasingly responsible for bottlenecks. The four new charging columns will enable stress-free charging during working hours. 25% of Elsner’s vehicle fleet is now hybrid and 20% exclusively electric.

Focus on sustainability is becoming increasingly

The available power of the on-site grid connection was first topped up before work began on the new columns. The power lines for the charging columns were laid from the house distributor in the production rooms to the rear company parking lot. The state of Baden-Württemberg provided a 20,000 euro grant for the expansion of the charging infrastructure. In total, this cost around 60,000 euros.

Photovoltaic system supplies energy

In summer, the charging cables will mainly be used to flow self-produced solar power. The company roof is equipped with a photovoltaic system. Since 2019, it has been making a significant contribution to the company’s energy needs. In dark winter months, it is not possible to do without buying in electricity. However, since the beginning of the year, this has come from renewable energies.

Elsner Elektronik commits to sustainable guiding principles

Elsner Elektronik has expanded its sustainability strategy. The switch to alternative drive concepts is part of this, as is the provision of the appropriate charging infrastructure. Participation in the Calw district’s Klimafit project is also part of this.

In the course of the program, key figures were determined that provide a good basis for further measures. Elsner Elektronik has committed itself via the WIN Charter of the state of Baden-Württemberg to following 12 guiding principles for sustainable business.

In addition to topics such as energy, resources and emissions, these also include employee well-being and rights as well as sustainable and fair actions and investments. An environmental management system in accordance with the DIN ISO 14001 standard has also been in place since June. The goal of Elsner Elektronik is to continuously improve its eco-balance along these guidelines and to minimize its “ecological footprint”.

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