embedded world 2023: North SECO focuses on edge computing


The embedded world Exhibition & Conference from March 14-16 in Nuremberg is an important meeting place for the international embedded community. SECO, a leading provider of IoT and AI solutions worldwide, will also present its state-of-the-art embedded and edge computing platforms, HMIs, communication gateways and AI-based IoT software solutions at the event. Thanks to its long experience in developing embedded solutions, SECO offers a broad and versatile product portfolio that is used in numerous industries for traditional applications and innovative challenges.

AI-driven edge computing based on x86, Arm, and FPGA.

SECO will showcase its new edge computing platforms based on x86, Arm and FPGA processor architectures from leading semiconductor manufacturers at the presentation. The portfolio includes Computer-on-Modules (COM), Single Board Computers (SBC), ready-to-use Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and customized, certified complete systems that are fully tailored to customers’ needs.

SECO’s edge solutions are designed to integrate with the AI-based CLEA IoT platform, which provides customers with the ability to monitor and analyze their device data in real time.

CLEA apps provide intelligent analytics that help customers maximize profits and revenue, minimize downtime, and optimize business operations. Visit SECO booth 320 in Hall 1 to explore and compare the portfolio of architectures, form factors and technologies.

Man-machine interface solutions from SECO

With its extensive range of HMI solutions, ranging from different installation variants to display sizes from 5.0 to 21.5 inches, SECO once again demonstrated its expertise at the trade show. Particularly impressive are the TANARO 7.0 OF PCT IPS for rear installation and TANARO 7.0 BX PCT for front installation, which offer customers even greater flexibility.

The FLEXY VISION 15.6, which SECO presented at the trade fair, is another highlight of the company. This panel PC for VESA mounts is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also powerful and versatile. Available with different processors, it offers customers great flexibility and shows that SECO is able to respond to the individual needs of its customers.

For industrial IoT applications, SECO’s fanless embedded computers are the perfect choice. Customers get scalable and customizable Arm and x86 based computers with wired and wireless connectivity. The PHOENIX boxed PC features a rugged enclosure and offers the full performance of the latest Intel Core and Intel Celeron processors. The computers are easy to integrate and provide maximum flexibility in industrial environments.

Combining graphics processing and multiple network interfaces, SECO’s fanless embedded computers enable outstanding performance and responsiveness that is in demand in various fields such as automation, biomedical, surveillance, telecommunications, and multimedia.

Computer-on-Modules: SECO relies on many years of experience

SECO is a recognized manufacturer of Computer-on-Modules and offers a wide range of COMs in various standard form factors, including SMARC, Qseven, COM-HPC and COM Express. SECO’s extensive experience in COM design and manufacturing, as well as its membership in a standards body, enables it to offer its customers a wealth of expertise and a wide range of products. SECO’s modular approach accelerates product design and simplifies future performance upgrades by allowing customers to easily add the COM to a custom carrierboard platform.

SECO will present the company’s latest COM platforms at embedded world 2023, which will be presented to visitors at the company’s booth. SECO experts will show visitors the functions and application possibilities of the platforms and answer any questions. Particularly exciting is the new FINLAY SMARC module, which is based on Intel Atom x7000E Series processors, Intel Core? i3 processors and Intel N Series processors (formerly Alder Lake-N). Visitors can look forward to an insight into SECO’s latest technologies and innovations.

With this technology, image- and video-intensive applications can now be performed efficiently in the smallest of spaces. It enables energy-efficient deep learning inference and UHD media processing, making it ideal for application-intensive tasks. The upcoming show will also feature two new SMARC modules with the latest ARM-based processors to expand the capabilities of this technology.

CALLISTO, SECO’s new Computer-on-Module, combines fast and cost-effective high-performance computing with extensive interfacing, networking and graphics processing capabilities. Equipped with 13th generation Intel Core processors (formerly Raptor Lake-P), it enables AI and IoT capabilities with fast performance and multi-function control. Thanks to its security and responsiveness features, end devices do not have to compromise. CALLISTO is thus a powerful and effective solution for demanding applications.

SECO’s COM-HPC modules are equipped with high-end processors to meet the increasing demand for high-speed performance and I/O bandwidth. The modules provide a scalable and space-saving solution for demanding applications. The COM-HPC client module ORION is powered by 12th generation Intel Core processors (formerly Alder Lake-P), ensuring fast and reliable performance.

The board enables powerful AI processing at the edge by providing extensive interface connectivity. With a variety of inputs and outputs, developers can easily connect external devices and accelerators to improve AI performance. In addition, the board is designed to provide a high data throughput rate, making it ideal for applications where real-time processing is critical.

SECO is one of the co-founders of the Qseven standard and therefore has extensive experience in the development and production of Qseven modules – both with Arm and x86 processor architectures. The Qseven module ATLAS continues this experience and offers a compact and powerful module based on Intel Atom x6000E series, Intel Pentium and Celeron N and J series (formerly Elkhart Lake) processors. With up to 16 GB of soldered LPDDR4-3200 DRAM, it provides fast and efficient data processing for low-power applications. The extensive choice of interfaces, including USB, PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet and MIPI-CSI, makes it an excellent choice for IoT applications, digital signage, smart building automation and many other applications where a compact and powerful embedded solution is required.

SECO’s Trizeps series is perfect for applications where long pin compatibility is required. With the Trizeps series, designers can add new components to old hardware without the need for a complete redesign. Flexible pin assignment allows new components to be integrated into existing designs to improve functionality and performance.

Scalability and Reliability: SECO’s Standard Edge Solution for IoT Projects

SECO’s SBC platforms expand the portfolio of standard edge solutions and are perfectly tailored to the requirements of industrial applications. Thanks to the standard interfaces, the SBCs are particularly easy to integrate and enable fast time-to-market. The ICARUS pico-ITX SBC with Intel Atom x6000E Series and Intel Pentium and Celeron N and J Series processors is a powerful solution for companies looking for a cost-effective and reliable solution.

Whether for edge computing, industrial automation, IoT, surveillance, or transportation, this compact and powerful multicore SBC offers a versatile solution for numerous application areas.

If you are looking for new edge computing solutions at embedded world, be sure to visit SECO’s booth. Here you can get an exclusive preview of the new edge platforms that will expand the standard product portfolio in the coming months.

embedded world is all about embedded systems and innovative technologies. Visit SECO’s booth to discover the latest developments in edge computing and AI and learn about our wide range of products. SECO looks forward to meeting you and presenting its solutions from March 14-16 in Nuremberg, Germany, booth 1-320.

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