SEGGER supports the new STM32MP13 MPU generation


With SEGGER’s announcement, developers can now be assured that their products, such as the J-Link Debug Probes, Flasher In-Circuit Programmer, emPower OS, as well as the Embedded Studio, SystemView and Ozone development tools, are fully compatible with STMicroelectronics’ new STM32MP13 MPU family. This full support ensures smooth development of embedded software projects and gives developers the ability to access a comprehensive collection of tools and features to streamline their development processes.

Initial support for new MPU family

Dirk Akemann, SEGGER’s Marketing Manager, emphasises the pleasure of intensifying the cooperation with ST on the new MPU family. SEGGER offers comprehensive support ranging from development to mass production. The offer includes development tools and high-speed in-circuit production tools to accompany the entire process.

SEGGER’s debug probes, the J-Links, have established themselves as leaders in the industry. A number of standard functions have been optimised to achieve optimum performance. In the process, the flash loaders have achieved record-breaking download speeds, and writing to RAM memory is possible at speeds of up to 4 MB/s. An unlimited number of breakpoints in the flash memory of MCUs can be used. These features are proof that the J-Links have set a new standard in the industry.

SEGGER Flashers are professional in-circuit programmers specially designed for use in the electronics industry. With their ability to program the non-volatile flash memory of microcontrollers and Systems-on-Chip (SoCs), as well as (Q)SPI flashes, SEGGER Flashers are a reliable and effective solution for prototype and mass production programming. The user-friendly interface makes them easy to use, while the robust design ensures that they work reliably even under demanding conditions.

SEGGER offers developers a comprehensive range of development tools, including the leading multiplatform IDE Embedded Studio, the real-time software analysis tool SystemView, and the J-Link debugger and performance analyzer Ozone. With these powerful tools, developers can efficiently create, analyse and debug software for embedded systems on different platforms to ensure that they run smoothly and reliably.

emPower OS is an all-in-one operating system that includes all the necessary components for the development of embedded systems and IoT devices. It consists of an RTOS and a file system as well as a user interface, a web server and communication libraries. In addition, security algorithms are integrated to ensure the highest level of protection. emPower OS offers a complete solution for any CPU and any manufacturer and enables the development of cloud-based solutions tailored to the user’s needs. Another advantage of emPower OS is the ability to purchase and customise individual components to meet specific requirements.

STMicroelectronics is a global company specialising in the design and manufacture of microchips for embedded systems. STMicroelectronics’ chips can be found in a wide range of products and applications, such as electric cars, factory machines, washing machines, smartphones and data centres. The chips are designed to do their work unnoticed in the background and ensure stable and reliable functioning of devices and systems.

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