Siemens Platform Lowers Water Consumption at Northumbrian Water Group


The Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) has embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with Siemens to enhance water consumption efficiency and detect household leaks. NWG relies on an innovative solution that not only safeguards the environment but also optimizes its business processes.

NWG Connects One Million Smart Water Meters to Siemens Data Management System

NWG has taken a significant step by commencing the connection of one million smart water meters to Siemens’ newly developed data management platform. This advanced technology empowers NWG to monitor real-time water consumption and securely transmit data to the cloud. The collaboration between Siemens and NWG exemplifies how data-driven solutions contribute to efficient resource utilization.

Cloud-Based System Revolutionizes Household Leak Detection

The cornerstone of this collaboration is an advanced cloud-based system that continuously collects and meticulously analyzes data from intelligent water meters. This analysis enables NWG to proactively detect potential household leaks and take immediate corrective measures. This approach not only contributes to reducing water wastage but also aligns with the goals of the British water regulator Ofwat to minimize leaks.

Europe’s Water Industry Witnessing Its Largest Installation

The Siemens solution being implemented by NWG represents a major milestone in the European water industry as the largest installation of its kind. This highlights Siemens’ commitment to environmentally friendly solutions and the sustainable improvement of water supply.

Siemens Expands Its Xcelerator Portfolio with Exciting Addition

EnergyIP MDM X for Water software is an integral component of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio. This portfolio serves as an open digital business platform by Siemens, enabling customers to accelerate and scale their digital transformation efforts. NWG leverages this platform to optimize its business processes and provide enhanced services to its customers.

Towards Sustainability: Achieving a Positive Milestone

The implementation of the Siemens data platform represents a pivotal move towards sustainability for the Northumbrian Water Group (NWG). Sabine Erlinghagen, CEO Grid Software at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, underscores the paramount importance of this project. She emphasizes the preciousness of water as a resource and how EnergyIP MDM X enables NWG to effectively harness data to detect leaks and reduce overall water consumption. This initiative demonstrates Siemens’ commitment to delivering targeted software technologies for greater customer focus and sustainability in the water sector.

Efficiency and Future-proofing: A Glimpse into Tomorrow

Gary Adams, Head of Smart Transformation at NWG, expresses confidence that this technology will achieve the company’s Smart Metering goals both now and in the future. He emphasizes how the software contributes to enhancing operational efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. NWG relies on Siemens’ expertise to successfully accomplish this crucial mission.

A Win-Win Solution: NWG and Siemens Collaboration

The partnership between the Northumbrian Water Group and Siemens exemplifies how data-driven technology can contribute to resource conservation and the optimization of business processes. By precisely identifying leaks and continuously monitoring water consumption, NWG is on track to achieve its ambitious goals while making a valuable contribution to the environment. Siemens, in turn, reinforces its position as a pioneer in sustainable technology for the water industry. This collaboration is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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