Enphase Energy acquires IoT provider GreenCom Networks


U.S.-based Enphase Energy is acquiring Munich, Germany-based IoT provider GreenCom Networks. Both companies expect a lot from this merger. Enphase Energy is one of the leading providers of photovoltaic systems. This company also wants to win the European market. GreenCom Networks is an IoT provider with many years of experience. Together, the two companies could optimize energy production to a significant degree.

Solar energy meets IoT

The real background is that solar power generation could run much more efficiently if there was intelligent control. This goal can be achieved by integrating an IoT platform. Since GreenCom Networks has been specializing in this field for a bit longer, the two companies complement each other perfectly. Of course, it is also about being able to use the energy generated by photovoltaic systems directly in one’s own building.

How can the IoT help with electricity generation?

Those who produce their own electricity with solar cells on the roof benefit most from using the electricity themselves. While there is currently a small feed-in tariff, this will be eliminated in the foreseeable future. Therefore, an important goal is to be able to use the electricity from photovoltaic systems as efficiently as possible. This is precisely where the IoT is a great help.

With the help of modern software, an optimal combination of power generation and consumption is possible. In addition, the IoT offers the possibility of connecting the different electricity consumers in a house. This could then also lead, for example, to the energy produced in the bright midday sun first being temporarily stored in electricity storage units. From there, the energy can be consumed in the evening after sunset.

Enphase Energy wants to optimize energy consumption

Basically, it’s quite simple. Electricity should always be consumed when it is produced and thus available in large quantities. Surplus energy should be stored temporarily so that it can be used when needed. But putting this ambitious goal into practice is an enormous challenge. Without the innovative technology of IoT provider GrennCom Networks, it is hardly possible.

However, if Enphase Energy can offer its potential customers not only a photovoltaic system, but also a complex control system for optimal energy consumption at the same time, it will be advantageous. In all likelihood, this will convince many more interested parties to use environmentally friendly solar energy. The more electrical energy can be produced from sunlight, the better it is for the environment. This is then already a first step to stop climate change.

Benefits for customers

Enphase Energy’s primary goal in integrating GreenCom Networks’ IoT solution is, of course, to increase its own sales and profits. However, customers will also benefit from the merger of the two companies. Homeowners with a photovoltaic system will be able to use their own solar power efficiently with the new technology, thus benefiting from the maximum utility value of the system.

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