EXPRESSO Connect: The Cost-Effective Solution for Digital Transformation in SMEs


EXPRESSO Connect is a highly flexible IoT solution developed by German company EXPRESSO, specifically designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) overcome the challenges of digitalization. This innovative solution enables SMEs to easily and affordably embrace digital transformation. By providing a modular and adaptable gateway, EXPRESSO Connect captures and transmits digital and analog information from various technical units to a centralized data portal, allowing for analysis, documentation, and visualization. This independent system operates across multiple sites and offers a significant security advantage by running autonomously from the customer’s network.

EXPRESSO Connect: A Highly Flexible IoT Solution for KMUs

EXPRESSO Connect is a highly flexible IoT solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It offers extreme adaptability and provides a clear overview of cost-saving potentials across multiple sites. What sets EXPRESSO Connect apart is its ability to be implemented quickly, allowing customers to start monitoring 12 facilities in just one day.

EXPRESSO Connect is a modular and adaptable gateway that leverages EXPRESSO’s expertise in conveying, transportation, and handling technology. It provides small and medium-sized enterprises with an easy and cost-effective way to enter the world of digitalization. By systematically capturing and transmitting digital and analog information from all technical units to a central data portal, EXPRESSO Connect enables analysis, documentation, and visualization of this data on a dashboard. Its independence from existing networks allows for cross-site implementation.

EXPRESSO Connect is a versatile system solution that enables continuous condition monitoring of all devices and equipment, as well as proactive maintenance. One of its key advantages is that it operates independently and securely, with all data traffic running autonomously from the customer’s network. The system can be accessed and controlled using a PC, tablet, or smartphone, offering convenience and flexibility to users.

The high flexibility and simple structure of EXPRESSO Connect make it particularly attractive for SMEs that have previously been hesitant to enter the digitalization process. The installation effort is minimal and the entire data management is largely automated. Users do not need to familiarize themselves with complex software.

EXPRESSO Connect enables the seamless integration of various intralogistics systems such as loading docks, gates, storage units, forklifts, and transport vehicles. This is achieved through compact data acquisition modules that transmit all relevant operational data wirelessly using the 4G LTE standard to EXPRESSO’s central server. Users have immediate access to evaluation and visualization software, allowing them to retrieve, view, and assess real-time operational states of connected devices, facilities, vehicles, and containers.

EXPRESSO Connect offers a wide range of applications, including remote monitoring of machines using sensors, control of automated processes in logistics and production, visualization of specific operational and process parameters, real-time analysis of data for condition monitoring, as well as threshold monitoring, status queries, and consumption measurements. Based on the collected data, energy consumption can be analyzed, CO² emissions can be balanced, maintenance cycles can be optimized, machine failures can be avoided, and downtime can be reduced.

Jan-Peter Schulz emphasizes that EXPRESSO’s digitalization solution supports easy integration, installation, and setup of EXPRESSO Connect boxes through pre-defined sensor modules, using a plug-and-play approach. This ensures a seamless and efficient implementation process for businesses, allowing them to quickly and effortlessly adopt digitalization technologies.

EXPRESSO Connect has been successfully implemented by various companies, including a European food manufacturer. They utilized the IoT solution to digitally transform twelve existing facilities across different departments and locations. Additionally, EXPRESSO Connect demonstrated its effectiveness in digitizing logistical loading processes. By analyzing the captured data and optimizing loading workflows, energy savings of up to 25 percent were achieved.

EXPRESSO Connect offers a wide range of applications, including optimizing baggage handling in airport logistics and digitizing usage data of material handling equipment like the lift2move. Being an open system, this IoT solution is not restricted to specific brands or models. Additionally, it can be installed independently and in parallel with existing corporate networks, making it highly flexible and adaptable to various operational environments.

EXPRESSO Connect provides a simple and cost-effective entry into digitization for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Its high flexibility, easy structure, and diverse range of applications make it an ideal solution for SMEs who have been hesitant to embrace digitization. With EXPRESSO Connect, they can make intralogistics processes more transparent, analyze energy consumption, balance CO² emissions, optimize maintenance cycles, prevent machine failures, and reduce downtime.

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