GMS mixers: Batch mixers now with highly efficient IoT drives


The Gericke Group from Switzerland has been in existence for more than 125 years. The company specializes in the development and production of modern equipment and systems for bulk solids processes in various industrial sectors. These plants are used in food production, building materials, chemistry and many more branches. In the course of time, new innovative technologies have been introduced by this company again and again, from which numerous companies benefit. The latest innovation is batch mixers with IoT drives.

Powerful and economical batch mixers

Powerful electric motors are needed to drive the GMS mixers. However, in this segment, it is important that the motors can always provide high torque in different speed ranges. Conventional electric motors usually work efficiently only at their fixed speed.

When the load changes frequently or the speed changes during operation, conventional motors quickly reach their performance limits. Therefore, they must always be significantly oversized. However, the newly developed GMS mixers offer significant advantages in this area because they are equipped with IoT drives.

What is new about the batch mixers?

The new technology enables a constant torque to be applied over the entire possible speed range. The technical background is that, unlike an asynchronous motor, the magnetic field only has to be built up on one side. This magnetic field is generated by a permanent magnet.

Therefore, it does not require any additional energy. In addition, the efficiency is increased enormously. The internationally recognized and neutral energy rating for such motors is IE5, which is referred to as Ultra Premium Efficiency. Such a drive motor therefore achieves an efficiency of at least 96.6 percent.

This high efficiency has a positive effect on the starting current. In a modern GMS mixer, this is not much higher than the actual operating current. For this reason, there is no need for overdimensioning of the drive.

Compact design and low noise emission

If the batch mixer is to be replaced, it is important that it fits into the existing space. However, this is not a problem with a modern GMS mixer because it has a compact design. Therefore, it takes up much less space than a conventional drive. In addition, the operating noise is significantly lower. With a conventional drive, there is always an unpleasant whistling noise, especially when starting up. This no longer occurs with a batch mixer with IoT drive. This is definitely a big advantage.

Problem-free integration in existing plants

Easy installation as well as direct integration into a PLC is possible at any time thanks to the intelligent frequency converter. This already saves a lot of working time during setup. In addition, the frequency inverter is able to record all data. This enables diagnostics with the highest precision. The recording as well as the evaluation of all kinds of data is of elementary importance for the IoT.

Therefore, the newly developed GMS mixers offer an excellent opportunity to increase efficiency in diverse industrial plants. The biggest advantage is that the modern GMS mixers with IoT drives consume significantly less energy than conventional drives.

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