Cost-effective HMI Systems with SpiderControl Framework and MicroBrowser


The SpiderControl Framework combined with the MicroBrowser offers an ideal solution for machine manufacturers in the industrial automation industry who are faced with the challenge of developing high-quality and powerful HMI operator panels while dealing with increasing cost pressures. This combination allows for the creation of cost-effective yet highly functional HMI systems, enabling manufacturers to meet industry standards without compromising on performance.

Effective Web-Visualizations for Industrial Data and Information Display

Web visualizations are widely used in the industry because they provide an effective way to present complex data and information in a clear manner. The MicroBrowser, a powerful web client, has proven to be an ideal solution for almost any operating system.

Impressive performance of MicroBrowser on Cortex M3/M4/M7 microcontrollers enables minimal hardware usage

The MicroBrowser’s impressive performance on microcontroller architectures like the Cortex M3/M4/M7 family is noteworthy. It allows execution on bare-metal hardware with minimal space requirements, making it highly efficient for industrial automation applications.

Cost-effective Microcontroller-based Operator Panels with high-quality HTML5 HMIs

One outstanding advantage of the MicroBrowser and SpiderControl Framework is the ability to create first-class HTML5 HMIs while utilizing cost-effective microcontroller-based operator panels. This allows manufacturers to achieve significant cost savings without compromising the robustness of the hardware.

SpiderControl HMI System: A Unique Combination of Modern HTML5 HMIs and Cost Efficiency

The SpiderControl HMI System combines the best of both worlds, offering developers the ability to create state-of-the-art HTML5 HMIs that meet current industry standards without compromising on functionality. By utilizing the MicroBrowser, cost-effective end-user devices can be used, especially in situations where traditional HTML5 may not perform optimally. This ensures an optimal balance between performance and cost.

SpiderControl PC HMI Editor: Simplifying Development of High-Quality HMI Systems

The SpiderControl PC HMI Editor is an exceptional tool that allows developers to create high-quality HMI systems without delving into the depths of programming. This not only greatly simplifies development but also saves time and resources. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design features, developers can easily customize HMI interfaces to meet their specific requirements. The editor’s extensive library of standard HMI objects and support for SVG graphics further enhance its flexibility and versatility. Overall, the SpiderControl PC HMI Editor is a valuable asset for streamlining HMI development processes and optimizing efficiency.

Enhance HMI Interfaces with SVG Graphics and Standard Objects

The editor allows for the use of SVG graphics and provides an extensive library of standard HMI objects. Developers can customize HMI interfaces according to their specific requirements, incorporating visually appealing and interactive SVG graphics. This feature empowers developers to create unique and tailored HMI designs, enhancing the user experience and enabling seamless interaction with the system. The availability of a wide range of standard HMI objects further facilitates the development process, offering pre-built components that can be easily integrated into the interface design.

Responsive HMI Systems with Standard Gesture Controls for Varying Screen Sizes

The HMI systems, with the help of the PC HMI editor, are designed to be responsive and adaptable to various screen sizes. Users can easily navigate through the interface using standard gestures such as swiping, scrolling, and drag-and-drop. This ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience, regardless of the device or screen size being used.

The SpiderControl Framework, in conjunction with the MicroBrowser, offers a powerful solution for machine manufacturers seeking cost-effective HMI systems without compromising on performance and functionality. By utilizing the HTML5 standard, it eliminates the need for expensive panel hardware, resulting in a robust and affordable solution that meets industry standards. This innovative combination empowers manufacturers to meet their requirements while staying within budget.

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