iHaus IoT platform in the smart building: iHaus and Siemens cooperate


A new cooperation between Siemens SENTRON and iHaus AG is designed to make energy data from buildings recordable. The new iHaus IoT platform ensures that this data can also be visualized.

iHaus IoT platform: Digital innovation for smart buildings

A new partnership has been entered into between iHaus AG and Siemens. The SENTRON switchgear from Siemens and the iHaus IoT platform form the basis for this and are intended to ensure that all energy data collected in a smart building can be recorded and visualized. This data, in turn, is to be used as the basis for recommendations for action that can be used to optimize energy consumption in the house.

In addition, the smart building should become less susceptible to malfunctions. The third objective of the collaboration relates to automation in the building, which should now be possible across all trades. Overall, the aim is to reduce costs and cut CO2 emissions through lower energy consumption. In this way, the iHaus IoT platform is expected to make an important contribution to greater sustainability.

Smart energy for smart buildings

Modern buildings must become smarter, a demand that has long been heard in the industry. With the cooperation between Siemens and iHaus AG, this should now no longer remain a distant goal, but the increased functionality, efficiency and sustainability will become tangible in modern living and working spaces.

Smart buildings should actually present themselves as such, which is finally possible with the iHaus IoT platform. With the help of intelligent solutions for power distribution as well as for secure electrical installation, the level of safety in buildings will be significantly increased on the one hand, while energy consumption can be reduced on the other.

The entire energy supply, on the other hand, is based on a single unit: Underlying this is the iHaus Pro server with the associated dashboard and the SENTRON switch protection devices. This creates a dedicated energy supply ecosystem where the energy consumption of each user in the building can be precisely displayed. Visualization as well as monitoring of the energy consumption of all devices that need to be supplied with power can thus be ensured.

The cooperation is expected to result in the following benefits:

  • improved energy monitoring to save energy and costs
  • recognition of anomalies and malfunctions, warning of increased consumption
  • optimal maintenance of equipment
  • secure energy supply of buildings
  • monitoring of critical circuits
  • monitoring of movement deviations of elderly or physically handicapped people

The cooperation between iHaus AG and Siemens establishes a partnership that aims at a large field of application for the jointly developed solutions. It concerns large-scale infrastructure projects as well as industrial plants and individual buildings.

About iHaus AG

iHaus AG looks back on a history of almost ten years, the founding of the company was in 2013. It is not only through the iHaus IoT platform that the company has become known, as it is now considered a pioneer in the field of smart buildings. For its activities, iHaus AG uses the experience from Claus Heinemann Elektroanlagen GmbH, which also dealt with building control and the electrical engineering required in buildings. Now building control, products, systems and services are united in iHaus AG and combined into an ecosystem independent of any one manufacturer.

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