Inpixon acquires IntraNav: expanding positioning intelligence


Inpixon, the U.S. leader in indoor intelligence, announced that it will acquire IntraNav, a German IIoT services provider through its subsidiary Nanotron. The acquisition is said to be aimed at expanding the existing portfolio of all parties involved and deepening their technical advancements based on resources.

Inpixon: Security through localization

Palo Alto-based Inpixon is the inventor of indoor intelligence. This technology takes the approach of constantly improving the safety of people and machines in facilities by combining intelligent maps, apps and their analysis. The Californian company’s products enable users to make their work processes more efficient, expand production capacities and increase the safety of the personnel deployed in the process. RTLS, sensor fusion and IoT are used in the process.

IntraNav: Applications for Industry 4.0

The Frankfurt-based company IntraNav develops real-time solutions for the field of industrial data collection and positioning. Their services can be used to create digital twins that enable manufacturers and logisticians to turn their ideas of digital supply chains and smart manufacturing sites into reality. Among other things, they thus enable the realization of smart storage locations, digital site management and virtual manufacturing processes. By precisely linking the location values of goods and means of transport, production and distribution are enabled to be designed more securely and optimized. One platform for all devices

At the heart of all these applications is the proprietary RTLS-IoT platform, which is capable of recording and processing information obtained with all common measuring devices and systems, and playing it back as needed. The proprietary data analysis Intralytics, as well as the appropriate apps for desktop and mobile platforms, contribute their share to the complete solution. This technology is used primarily in the management of autonomous vehicle technology, auto-ID, store floor management, real-time material flow monitoring and in the paperless factory. The well-known customer base includes Siemens Energy, Festo and PERI. The Finnish IoT specialist Wirepas should be mentioned as a strategic partner who assists in the implementation of customer requirements.

Inpixon and IntraNav: preserving what is tried and tested

With the 100% acquisition of IntraNav, the entire capital of the German group, in the form of its assets, technologies, patents, intellectual property and related contracts and agreements with customers and partners, will become the property of Inpixon. At the same time, however, all current IntraNav customers and users are assured that all previously established relationships will remain in place. It is a matter of concern for the U.S. entrepreneurs to continue to maintain, promote and, where possible, even expand the licensing and service business that has been running well so far. This also applies to the previous contacts and contact persons, as well as the teams currently working together.

Inpixon-IntraNav: Expanding Potentials

Inpixon expects the integration of IntraNav on the one hand to strengthen its own position in the market for networked interior management. On the other hand, potentials in both companies that might have been unused so far shall be identified, lifted and profitably implemented. In particular, possible synergy effects with other similar applications should help to open up new cross-segment business fields.

IntraNav-Inpixon: Expanding Capacities

For IntraNav, integration into the Inpixon structure means an increase in many more capabilities than before. The Eschborn-based company will gain access to greater U.S. capabilities in terms of developing, selling and supporting its own and joint products. In turn, their customers will have access to Inpixon’s proprietary services. These include, for example, spatial analytics, real-time asset tracking in real estate, and smart cartographic visualizations.

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