IoT platform from Items: The contribution to the digitization of cities


The new IoT platform from Items is used for communicating networking in municipal and industrial management. This should make it possible to finally advance digitalization further.

The IoT Platform from Items: Digitization for SmartCities

Especially in the area of municipal administration, the envisioned SmartCities are still dreams of the future. This is about to change when the new IoT platform from Items is deployed in Krefeld, among other places. Here, the IT service provider Items is providing digital innovations to facilitate the collection and management of data in the municipal and industrial sectors.

The development of SmartCities is the declared goal here, and the individual regions of Germany are to be digitized. At the same time, it is hoped that this will make it possible to become completely independent of transmission technology.

Various IoT devices should be able to be integrated into the system, and the core systems of the utility industry will be included. SAP, MSCONS and OPC-UA are to interact with each other as SmartCity platforms, as are Frost and Fiware.

Municipal utilities as users of Items’ IoT platform.

Items sees municipal utility platforms as a solid foundation for all applications to be solved internally. Services from Items are to be built to fit municipalities, counties and regions to manage use cases. Among others, Stadtwerke Krefeld, which already relies on an automatic measurement of the groundwater level, is now on board.

Likewise, the filling levels of the waste paper containers are reported so that intelligent emptying is possible. Unnecessary trips to empty half-full containers are thus avoided. The data collected via Items’ IoT platform can be collated and analyzed at a central location.

ISO 27001 certified and tested

The system that Items uses uses or is based on Kubernetes Micro Service architecture. It also uses Digimondo Suite, the system of a Hamburg-based partner company. Over the last five years, Items has been able to build its own business unit dedicated to consulting, implementation and development of the know-how that goes with the platform. More than 20 experts from the technology sector are working on this and are conducting several pilot studies.

Items’ IoT platform offers several advantages, such as powerful LoRaWAN network analysis, ERP integration, and the use of specific solutions for individual disciplines, such as those important for district heating or even water management. Due to the constantly changing requirements placed on network operators, synergy effects are important.

These are precisely what are achieved with the new IoT platform. In turn, this allows operating costs to be reduced, while at the same time meeting the requirements for safe plant operation. Items has taken an important step towards digitalization and thus contributed to digital progress.

About Items

The foundation of today’s successful Items GmbH & Co. KG took place in 1999. Since then, the company has been able to establish itself as one of Germany’s leading IT service providers in the more than 20 years it has been in business. The company’s special areas of expertise are the energy industry and the entire mobility and utilities sector. The focus of its business activities is on IoT integration, the development of communication platforms, and AI products. The benchmarks in terms of the use of robots and smart city technologies are constantly being set.

For those who want to know more, the company’s press contact is available:

Items GmbH & Co. KG
Hafenweg 7
48155 Münster
Telephone: +49 251 20 83-10 00

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