On the green of the future: John Deere golf machines with smart technology


John Deere is embracing the latest technological developments and presenting the latest E-Cut TM golf machines. These are both fully electric and hybrid, offering a greener alternative to conventional equipment. The connectivity of the machines also allows customers to optimise their workflows, saving time and resources. With this step, John Deere shows that they want to establish themselves as the market leader in the field of golf machines.

Easy handling, powerful performance: John Deere expands its range with the 185 E-Cut TM and 225 E-Cut TM electric greens mowers

If you are looking for a greens mower that is both quiet and environmentally friendly, then you should take a closer look at the John Deere E-Cut TM. This walk-behind mower is powered by a 58-volt lithium battery that has a capacity of 3.2 kWh and can handle an area of up to 4,650 m². Compared to conventional mowers, the E-Cut TM is virtually silent and allows you to work in the early morning and late evening hours without disturbing your neighbours. It is also an environmentally friendly choice as it operates without the use of fuel and engine oil.

The advanced TechControl TM display allows operators of both mowers to set the cutting frequency independently of the speed. In addition, there are ten different handlebar height positions and forward/reverse adjustment for comfortable and effortless operation. The industry-exclusive final lap preselection is an innovative feature that makes turning easier. The 185 E-Cut TM has a cutting width of 46 cm (18 in.), making it ideal for smaller areas, while the larger 225 E-Cut TM is designed for larger areas with a cutting width of 56 cm (22 in.).

Easy handling, powerful performance: John Deere expands its range with the 185 E-Cut TM and 225 E-Cut TM electric mowers “More precise and more powerful: the revolutionary 6700A and 7700A E-Cut TM fairway mowers

The new John Deere Hybrid Fairway mower sets new standards in efficiency and environmental friendliness. Thanks to the innovative electric cutting units, fuel savings of up to 30% are achieved and noise levels are significantly reduced without compromising performance. In addition, the risk of leaks is reduced by 90% as over 150 hydraulic weak points have been replaced by the new cutting units. The mower is thus a sustainable and reliable choice for demanding golf course operators.

John Deere is at the forefront of innovation in turf care. The LoadMatch TM feature is an impressive example of how cutting-edge technology can improve mower performance. By adjusting the ground speed under heavy load, the cutting frequency is kept constant and the quality of cut remains at a high level. The 6700A E-Cut is a hybrid fairway mower that impresses with its manoeuvrability and manoeuvrability, making work on green areas even more efficient and environmentally friendly. John Deere thus sets new standards in the industry and shows that sustainability and performance do not have to be a contradiction.

Connectivity and golf: how technology is changing the sport

John Deere has recognised the importance of connectivity in agriculture for many years and has equipped its agricultural machinery accordingly. Now the company is extending its offering to the golf course market by introducing connectivity as standard on most golf machines. Golf customers can use John Deere Operations Center TM as a fleet-wide management tool to track the location of their machines and optimise their operations. With the introduction of this technology, golf course operators can increase the efficiency of their operations and improve productivity, ultimately leading to a better customer experience.

Modern software offers an effective way to improve machine efficiency. By accurately capturing data such as machine usage, fuel levels and diagnostic trouble codes, users can quickly identify and fix problems to optimise machine performance. In addition, the software allows users to receive alerts when the machine is being used outside of its usual environment or at unusual times. Available for mobile devices and on the web, the free software is an easy way to improve machine efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Agriculture is an important industry that is constantly evolving. John Deere stays ahead of this evolution by integrating connectivity technology into their latest golf machines. The machines’ advanced features, such as the automatic steering system or the variable dosage of fertiliser, enable more precise and efficient work on the golf course. The benefits of this technology are not only an improved quality of the turf, but also higher productivity and a reduction in operating costs.

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