Digital transformation: Young people shape the future with technologies


Progressive digitization is having an impact on almost all areas of life and is presenting people with new challenges. To be successful in the digital world, digital skills must be developed and applied. These include skills such as recognizing fake news, protecting personal data on the Internet, solving technical problems and designing digital content. The expedition d educational initiative is committed to preparing young people in Baden-Württemberg for these requirements. As part of the COACHING4FUTURE program, the expedition d truck is on the road throughout Baden-Württemberg to help schools prepare their students for the world of work 4.0.

Young people shaping the digital future

The expedition d truck is a guest at the Handelslehranstalt Bruchsal to give students the opportunity to actively engage with the new demands of industry. The aim is to get young people excited about digital transformation and give them the opportunity to develop innovative business models and processes. Stefan Küpper, Managing Director of the SÜDWESTMETALL employers’ association, emphasizes the importance of this task.

Technology workshops for young people

During the tours of the expedition d truck, the students, together with coaches Benjamin Wiest and Aurelia Stein, are given a vivid presentation of digital technologies and introduced to them. Afterwards, they are encouraged to develop their own innovative product, for example a smartphone app or a digital surgical assistant. The “Room of Technologies” is located on the first floor of the truck, where the young people have the opportunity to learn about various technologies such as robotics, sensor technology, machine learning, coding and virtual reality. At the various stations, important details about these technologies are provided and the students can solve practical tasks and answer quiz questions.

Experience technology up close: Young people get creative

In the expedition d truck, students are offered a variety of opportunities to test and expand their skills in working with digital technologies. Together, they can program a robot and control the lighting system in the truck. They also have the opportunity to decode codes, control sensors and sort planets in virtual reality. These hands-on experiences foster the young people’s problem-solving skills and creativity and prepare them for the demands of the digital world of work.

360° technology experience: Promoting digital skills through play

The platform gives users a unique perspective on the Expedition Mobile. By integrating virtual reality and 360° technology, users can virtually explore the vehicle and thus gain a realistic impression as if they were actually standing in the Mobil.

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