NCL and Partners Revolutionize Mine Safety with IoT Solution


NCL (Northern Coalfields Limited), a subsidiary of Coal India and a significant contributor to the country’s coal production and power generation, has taken a major step towards ensuring the safety of its mine workers. In collaboration with Syook, Abeeway, and Actility, the company has successfully implemented an avant-garde IoT solution for workplace safety called “Suraksha Kavach” (Safety Guardian). This innovative system utilizes real-time locating systems and advanced geolocating technologies to monitor mining areas, detect violations, and provide immediate assistance in case of emergencies.

NCL revolutionizes mining industry with focus on personnel safety

NCL, headquartered in Singrauli district, operates 10 highly mechanized open-cast mines in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Through their latest initiative, they aim to revolutionize the mining industry by prioritizing the safety of their dedicated workforce, aligning with the guidelines set by the Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS). This strategic move showcases NCL’s commitment to implementing cutting-edge technologies and processes to ensure the well-being of their miners while driving innovation in the sector.

Syook, a leading RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems) company in India, played a crucial role in the development of the “Suraksha Kavach” system. With its expertise in optimizing operations across industries such as oil and gas, healthcare, and manufacturing, Syook’s no-code platform was instrumental in creating this innovative solution for workplace safety. The company’s past collaborations with major players like Indian Railways, Coal India, and Unilever further highlight its extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

Drawing on their extensive experience in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry, the Syook team understands the complex challenges involved in enhancing safety in hazardous areas through the use of intelligent technologies. Their expertise allows them to develop innovative solutions that address these challenges effectively.

The “Suraksha Kavach” system addresses the challenge of ensuring the safety of workers in expansive open-pit mines. By carefully monitoring the blasting areas, the system promptly sends notifications whenever an individual unintentionally enters these potentially hazardous zones. This proactive approach to safety helps prevent accidents and injuries, allowing for a more secure working environment in the mining industry.

In hot mines, workers often face challenges related to high temperatures. This can lead to heat exhaustion, posing a serious risk to their safety and well-being. However, with the implementation of the “Suraksha Kavach” system, miners can now easily call for help by pressing the SOS button on their badge. This immediate response ensures that workers receive prompt assistance, mitigating the effects of heat-related issues and ensuring their safety.

Real-time visualization ensures immediate detection of violations in mines

  • The “Suraksha Kavach” system provides real-time visualization of all mines on a map view, allowing for immediate detection of regulatory violations
  • The SOS assistance function enables quick rescue measures by accurately determining the exact location of workers in distress
  • The proactive monitoring system detects prolonged inactivity and alerts supervisors in a timely manner

The implemented IoT solution, “Suraksha Kavach,” effectively prevents unauthorized access to blasting areas by sending immediate warnings to supervisors. This ensures the safety of workers and mitigates potential risks associated with unauthorized entry into these hazardous zones.

In addition, BLE beacons are installed on the mining machines, so that when someone is nearby, it is assumed that the person is working with them. This ensures that only authorized personnel are in close proximity to the mining equipment, reducing the risk of accidents or unauthorized access. The beacons provide a reliable and efficient way to monitor the presence of workers around the machines, improving safety protocols and preventing potential hazards. This feature enhances the overall safety measures implemented in the mining operations.

The Abeeway Smart Badge is a crucial component of this safety solution. This portable multi-mode tracker is designed for use in autonomous environments, certified for ATEX and IECEx, and equipped with advanced geolocation technologies such as GNSS, WiFi, and BLE.

The Abeeway Smart Badge is specifically designed for high-risk environments, providing accurate location tracking both indoors and outdoors. Its features include SOS panic alarms, notifications for danger zones, and monitoring of evacuation measures for enhanced safety.

The integration of LoRaWAN® connectivity in this solution offers a cost-effective and secure means of communication, with extensive coverage that is particularly well-suited for mining operations. Currently, 2,500 workers are equipped with intelligent Abeeway Smart Badges, while BLE-Beacons installed on the mining equipment monitor proximity. This technology ensures effective and reliable communication in the expansive mining areas, enhancing the overall safety and security of the workers.

The collaboration between NCL, Syook, Actility, and Abeeway represents a significant milestone in the digital transformation of occupational safety in the mining industry. While “Suraksha Kavach” is primarily focused on mining, its potential extends to other sectors such as oil and gas, manufacturing, and logistics. This partnership showcases the innovative use of IoT technology to enhance worker safety and demonstrates how advancements in this field can have a profound impact on multiple industries. The integration of “Suraksha Kavach” has the potential to revolutionize safety protocols and establish new standards in workplace safety across various sectors.

Suraksha Kavach” System revolutionizes mine safety with real-time monitoring

The implementation of the “Suraksha Kavach” system by NCL and its partners brings significant benefits to the safety of mine workers. Real-time visualization of mines and immediate detection of regulatory violations allow potentially dangerous situations to be quickly identified and addressed. The SOS assistance function and precise worker location enable swift rescue measures in case of emergencies.

The proactive monitoring of inactivity and prevention of unauthorized access to hazardous areas significantly contribute to ensuring the safety of workers. The utilization of LoRaWAN connectivity not only enables cost-effective communication but also ensures secure transmission of data in the expansive mining sites. This collaboration between NCL, Syook, Actility, and Abeeway marks a significant milestone in the digital transformation of workplace safety in the mining industry.

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