AVM introduces new and powerful products for fiber, cable, and DSL connections at Network X in Paris


The FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro is a groundbreaking home networking solution presented by AVM at the Network X in Paris. It combines Wi-Fi 7 technology with versatile connectivity options and Smart Home integration, making it ideal for areas where fiber optic expansion is still pending. With its innovative triband Wi-Fi router, it supports both fiber optic and DSL connections, providing users with exceptional flexibility. Additionally, AVM introduces the FRITZ!Box 6670 Cable, which offers gigabit speeds in home networks and brings the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard to cable connections. Equipped with a 2.5-gigabit LAN port and four LAN ports, it ensures fast and reliable wired connections. Lastly, the FRITZ!Box 7682 is specifically designed for DSL connections, supporting speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s and featuring advanced technologies like G.fast and Supervectoring 35b.

The FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro: Advantages for Fiber and DSL Connections

The FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro offers numerous advantages for both fiber optic and DSL connections. In addition to supporting the current Wi-Fi 6 generation, it already supports the next Wi-Fi 7 generation. With a new third Wi-Fi frequency band (6 GHz) and improved latency, speeds, and stability, it already meets the high demands of wireless communication for the future.

The FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro offers a 2.5-Gigabit LAN/WAN connection and four LAN ports, allowing for fast and reliable wired networking. Additionally, it supports the Zigbee standard, enabling seamless integration of a wider range of devices into the Smart Home ecosystem.

The FRITZ!Box 6670 Cable is designed to optimize the advantages of cable connections for customers. Along with its powerful WLAN and ultra-fast 2.5-gigabit LAN port, it also features an extensive telephone system and a variety of other functions. It supports the Zigbee standard, allowing for easy integration of additional devices into the Smart Home ecosystem. Furthermore, the integrated TV tuner enables seamless streaming of television signals within the home network via WLAN.

The FRITZ!Box 7682 is specifically designed to meet the high-speed demands of a fiber optic network. With support for G.fast and Supervectoring 35b, it can achieve speeds of up to 1 Gbps. In addition, the FRITZ!Box 7682 features WLAN Mesh technology, two 2.5-gigabit LAN/WAN ports, and a comprehensive set of features for telephony and smart home integration.

The new FRITZ!Box models provide customers with long-term, reliable solutions. They not only support the Wi-Fi generations of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7, but also offer a wide range of connection options and integration possibilities for the Smart Home. AVM showcases all the latest innovations at the Network X in Paris.

Overall, the new FRITZ!Box models offer numerous advantages for fiber optic, cable, and DSL connections. They provide fast and stable connections, support the latest WLAN standards, and offer extensive integration options for smart homes. With their powerful equipment and future-proof technology, they are ideal for anyone who values strong connections.

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