Noffz Base Station Emulator: Validation of IoT Mobile Interfaces


The EV charging systems already in operation include numerous charging stations that communicate via a cellular interface. The only problem with this is that there are different standards everywhere. This inevitably creates problems in terms of connectivity.

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Following problems occur everywhere

In order for a charging station to be found and used, it is necessary for it to be able to send and receive data via the mobile network. Otherwise, there is a risk that a motorist will not find the charging station. Furthermore, there could be a problem with the charging process if the vehicle cannot be identified due to difficulties with data transmission.

This is precisely where Noffz’s Base Station Emulator, or BSE for short, comes in. Only when validation is possible can EV charging systems be used across the board. Therefore, this technology is of great importance for the expansion of the charging infrastructure.

What does the BSE from Noffz offer?

Already during the first tests in the lab, it turned out that the Base Station Emulator can offer different transmission standards. These range from 2G to 5G. This is advantageous in that the fast 5G standard is only available in a few metropolitan areas so far. In many rural regions, there is often not even a 3G network available.

This puts people who live somewhat remotely in the countryside at a disadvantage. If they decide to purchase an electric vehicle, they would always have to drive to a charging station in a larger city. In the countryside, EV charging systems could not be set up at all due to a lack of data transmission capabilities.

With Noffz’s Base Station Emulator, however, these problems are a thing of the past. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of expanding the charging infrastructure.

Special advantages of the Base Station Emulator from Noffz

Among the biggest advantage is the possibility to send and receive mobile data via different standards. Therefore, it does not matter if there are different standards in EV charging systems regarding data transmission.

Another advantage is that the data from the charging stations can be transmitted directly to the operator. Therefore, the latter recognizes whether there are problems in one area or another. It is also quite easy to determine in which areas there is greater demand. Then perhaps more charging columns could be installed there.

Advantages for the motorist

This modern technology is also helpful for all drivers of electric vehicles. They can read directly on their smartphones where the next free charging station is. This is extremely practical, because based on this information, the route can be better planned. That is why it is actually the case that the Noffz Base Station Emulator is a great help for the expansion of electromobility.

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