Strainlabs revolutionizes predictive maintenance with intelligent screws


The industrial IoT and digitalization offer exciting possibilities for the industry. However, achieving the desired results can be challenging. Successful examples of implementing intelligent maintenance are often lacking, both in Sweden and internationally. Strainlabs, however, provides a solution. This multidisciplinary Swedish innovation combines traditional mechanical design with modern IoT and digitalization. Their ingenious mechanical screws have garnered interest in the manufacturing industry and various heavy industrial sectors. Strainlabs offers a promising approach to addressing the industry’s implementation challenges.

Strainlabs revolutionizes mechanical design with ingenious IoT screws

Strainlabs, a multidisciplinary Swedish innovation, has developed ingenious mechanical screws that combine traditional mechanical design with modern IoT and digitalization. These screws are generating significant interest in both the manufacturing industry and various heavy industries. They offer a unique solution that enhances efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness in industrial applications.

Revolutionizing Screw Maintenance: Unlocking Safety and Financial Benefits

Screws are essential components used to secure various applications in our environment. However, it may come as a surprise that maintenance of screws in safety-critical applications, such as roller coasters, can consume up to 35-40% of the maintenance team’s time. A recent survey conducted at Gröna Lund revealed these statistics. By digitizing these processes, not only can safety be enhanced, but there is also a significant financial advantage to be gained.

Strainlabs partners with Vossloh to simplify technology implementation

Strainlabs has recently entered into a partnership with Vossloh, a market leader in the railway industry. The new platform, Vossloh connect, is a cloud-based solution that simplifies the implementation of new technologies and provides customers with a holistic overview of their infrastructure. In order to meet the requirements of customers in the railway industry, Strainlabs has expanded its product portfolio to include larger screws.

Successful Collaboration between Strainlabs and Vossloh Drives Industry Digitalization

The collaboration between Strainlabs and Vossloh serves as a prime example of how industry leaders and agile start-ups can work together to drive the commercialization of new technologies and innovations. Such partnerships are crucial in advancing the digitalization of the industry and achieving the desired outcomes.

Strainlabs revolutionizes industry with smart screws for predictive maintenance

Strainlabs has revolutionized the industry with its intelligent screws for predictive maintenance. By digitizing mechanical systems, particularly screws, they have not only increased safety but also provided significant financial benefits. The partnership with Vossloh exemplifies the importance of collaboration between startups and industry leaders in successfully introducing new technologies.

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