ALTHEN GmbH and M&L AG Join Forces to Offer IIoT Solutions


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is recognized as a key technology for process monitoring and data analysis in businesses. ALTHEN GmbH Mess- & Sensortechnik from Kelkheim and M&L AG from Frankfurt have joined forces to provide comprehensive IIoT solutions. This partnership enables them to cover the entire value chain of IIoT and offer tailored solutions for process monitoring and data analysis.

Challenges of IIoT: Connecting Sensors, Machines, and Systems

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) faces significant challenges in terms of connecting sensors, machines, and systems due to the lack of standards and the multitude of protocols, gateways, and interfaces. This lack of interoperability makes plug-and-play usage difficult. Companies in various industries have unique requirements for their individual solutions, which adds to the complexity of implementing IIoT solutions.

In order to generate added value, companies across various industries have a common need to capture the physical world through sensors and connect it with the digital world. This enables the utilization of measurement data for improved profitability and increased competitiveness. These solutions not only help to cope with rising cost pressures but also have the potential to reduce waste and optimize maintenance and repair planning.

Enhancing Industrial IoT Solutions: ALTHEN GmbH and M&L AG Partnership

The partnership between ALTHEN GmbH and M&L AG is built on a shared understanding of the interconnectivity of sensors, machines, and systems, as well as the collection and analysis of large amounts of data. By combining their expertise, both companies are able to offer customized IIoT solutions to their customers. The main objective is to capture, track, analyze, and control production processes.

The partnership between ALTHEN GmbH and M&L AG brings together their expertise in data processing and digitalization to develop solutions that provide real value to customers. Matthias Mauer, CEO of M&L AG, emphasizes the collaboration with ALTHEN and the development of solutions that deliver tangible benefits. Dr. Timo Hartmann, CEO of ALTHEN GmbH, is excited about the partnership with M&L AG, a company specialized in data processing and digitalization.

Integrated Monitoring and Control Platform: Essential for Modern Businesses

Companies nowadays require an integrated monitoring and control platform for their analog and digital infrastructure. This platform allows for the collection and structuring of data generated by measurement devices, enabling valuable insights. According to a study conducted by IDG Research Services in collaboration with COMPUTERWOCHE and CIO, the biggest challenge in IoT projects lies in adapting business processes. Additionally, the insufficient LAN/WLAN network quality is considered the highest technical hurdle. Nonetheless, 44 percent of surveyed companies were able to optimize their existing business processes and achieve added value through IoT projects.

The Whitepaper by ALTHEN GmbH and M&L AG provides practical guidance for the implementation and deployment of an IIoT solution. It covers topics such as selecting the platform with wireless acceleration sensors, monitoring, and commissioning.

ALTHEN GmbH and M&L AG Partnership Enables Customized IIoT Solutions for Improved Process Monitoring and Data Analysis

The partnership between ALTHEN GmbH and M&L AG enables companies to offer customized IIoT solutions to improve process monitoring and data analysis. By connecting sensors, machines, and systems, companies can increase their value creation, enhance their competitiveness, and cope with increased cost pressures. The joint whitepaper provides practical guidance and demonstrates how companies can successfully implement IIoT solutions.

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