Rittal Introduces New CS Toptec Series for Outdoor Enclosures


The newly enhanced CS Toptec series from Rittal revolutionizes the installation of outdoor enclosures by incorporating the easy interconnectivity of Rittal large cabinets with double-walled outdoor enclosures. This innovation provides a multitude of compelling advantages for system integrators, including quick availability, versatile expansion options, and flexible on-site installation. With this solution, costly custom-made enclosures are a thing of the past, saving time, money, and effort during the planning and construction phases.

Rittal’s CS Toptec-Series: Affordable and Flexible Outdoor Enclosures

The CS Toptec series from Rittal offers a cost-effective solution for outdoor enclosure needs. In the past, customers had to resort to expensive custom-made enclosures, resulting in high costs, long lead times, and complex ordering processes. With the CS Toptec series, doppelwandige outdoor enclosures are now available as standard products, reducing costs and lead times. These enclosures are stocked in various sizes and can be easily expanded by connecting multiple smaller enclosures, providing flexibility and simplifying logistics and installation on-site.

Rittal’s Delivery Promise: Shortened Lead Times for Quick Response

With Rittal’s delivery promise of 24 or 48 hours, the delivery times for outdoor enclosures are significantly reduced. This allows equipment manufacturers to quickly respond to changing requirements without the need for lengthy planning, design, and manufacturing processes. It ensures that they can efficiently adapt their installations to meet evolving customer demands.

Rittal emphasizes versatile expansion options and flexible on-site installation

Rittal places great emphasis on the versatile expansion options of their enclosures through the use of a comprehensive range of system accessories, as well as on the flexible on-site installation. The easy coupling capability significantly reduces the technical effort at the installation site. Additionally, the door hinge can be changed independently on-site if necessary. Thanks to Rittal’s wide range of perfectly fitting outdoor cooling solutions, such as the Blue e+ outdoor cooling units, a suitably prepared enclosure can be ordered.

Durable and Modular Outdoor Enclosures for Sustainable Resource Use

The Rittal Outdoor enclosures are designed with durability and modular construction, allowing for a sustainable use of resources. This not only reduces environmental impact but also leads to lower overall costs throughout the entire lifespan of the product.

Streamline Inspections and Information Exchange with ePOCKET Integration

The digital switchgear pocket ePOCKET ensures modern access to all important information. It is also integrated into the CS Toptec and enables customers to access the Eplan Cloud effortlessly. Inspections and information exchange can thus be carried out quickly and efficiently.

The updated CS Toptec series from Rittal offers numerous advantages for industrial equipment manufacturers. With its fast availability, versatile expansion options, and flexible on-site installation, these outdoor enclosures provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for changing requirements. The sustainable use of resources and the integration of the digital switchgear pocket ePOCKET complete the package, making the CS Toptec series an attractive option for anyone in need of outdoor enclosures.

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