Strengthening Smart Building Position: ifm Acquires Sentinum GmbH


The fusion of technology and visions: ifm leverages Sentinum’s expertise to advance Smart Cities and Smart Buildings, epitomizing a seamless integration of innovation and aspirations.

Sentinum-Integration: ifms Vorhaben für Smart Building Expansions

Since its acquisition in May of this year, Sentinum GmbH, a promising start-up from Nuremberg, has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of ifm group services GmbH, thus becoming an integral part of the ifm corporate group. With its focus on the development and sale of radio sensors, Sentinum has gained recognition, particularly in the context of Smart City and Smart Building applications. A notable example is the provision of a radar sensor for an early warning system for floods. Thanks to the collaboration with Spekter, Sentinum enables cities and municipalities to react to imminent flood hazards early and to warn residents in a timely manner.


Alongside its founders, Sentinum employs a permanent staff member and eleven dedicated students. The recent relocation to the premises of ifm solutions GmbH in Fürth signifies a strategic move. This is where Sentinum will enhance its pre-development efforts and create market prototypes. Maintaining the Sentinum brand presence in the Smart City domain underscores the commitment to developing innovative solutions for future urban and building environments.

Dr. Alexander Kahlig has been appointed to the management board of Sentinum to oversee the integration of the company into the ifm ecosystem and act as a bridge between the two entities. He brings his extensive expertise in areas such as wireless sensors, energy consumption, battery operation, energy harvesting, and various radio technologies. Dr. Kahlig expresses optimism: “Sentinum has significant potential, especially in the realm of wireless sensors and related technologies. Our long-standing collaboration reinforces my belief that ifm will successfully execute the next steps in radio sensor development.

Voices of the Participants: Milestone of Innovation

Manuel Hart, one of the founders of Sentinum, emphasizes the significance of the merger: “The acquisition by a renowned corporation marks a pivotal milestone for us. The partnership with ifm grants us access to processes and resources that were previously out of reach for a start-up. In addition to expertise in areas like approvals, procurement, and production, even everyday advice from legal and financial experts proves to be invaluable.

ifm-Unternehmensgruppe: Pioneering Innovation and Collaborative Excellence

Established since its inception in 1969, the ifm Group has become a prominent partner in the realm of automation and digitization technology. Operating globally, ifm specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distributing sensors, controls, software, and systems for industrial automation. In addition, the company offers advanced SAP-based solutions that seamlessly integrate supply chain management and shop floor operations, enhancing efficiency and connectivity across the manufacturing landscape.

ifm is at the forefront of Industry 4.0, focusing on comprehensive solutions to digitize the entire value chain – from sensors to ERP systems. With a global workforce of over 8,700 employees, the second-generation family-owned ifm group embodies innovation and international presence. The combination of corporate structures and medium-sized flexibility creates a unique closeness to customers.

Harnessing Synergy Effects for a Smarter Future

The acquisition of Sentinum by ifm marks an exciting step towards a smarter future. Sentinum’s expertise in the field of wireless sensors, combined with ifm’s longstanding innovation prowess, promises groundbreaking solutions for Smart City and Smart Building applications. The convergence of technology, expertise, and visionary thinking will contribute significantly to making cities and buildings more efficient, secure, and sustainable. The partnership between these companies undoubtedly presents a significant opportunity for technological advancement in these crucial sectors.

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