Start-up Staex: Around 1.6 million euros raised for financing


Just a year ago, the Deep Tech Award was presented to the Berlin-based start-up Staex. Now comes the next success for the young company: In a financing round, around 1.65 million euros were collected.

Funding for start-up Staex: success all along the line

Berlin-based start-up Staex announced in April 2022 that it had raised around 1.65 million euros in a pre-seed round. Brandenburg Kapital and Blockwall Capital as well as business angel Andreas Möller were responsible for this sum.

The money was awarded to fund the startup Staex with its founders Philip Toepffer and Alexandra Mikityuk, who want to bring new technologies to the IoT-based industry. The idea is to network complex devices as well as significantly improve data security. This, in turn, should enable cities to build modern infrastructures and smart utility systems.

Energy and transportation systems are to become smarter, and it should be possible to make the IT systems used to date significantly more efficient. However, this requires that these systems be replaced. They are not scalable when IoT applications and Web 3.0 systems are used. This is where the start-up Staex comes in and offers its own software.

Strong partners for the start-up Staex

Staex now has strong partners at its side: Brandenburg Kapital is a subsidiary of ILB, and Blockwall Capital has already invested in various other start-ups. Among them were illustrious names such as Hedera Hashgraph, Solana and Hypatos. Andreas Möller, who could be won as a business angel for support, is the CEO of UNIBERG. He had helped validate the start-up’s product strategy and can use his entire network in the industry.

The partners were convinced of the possibilities that Staex’s new system will offer. The background to this is that the tools currently in use are not able to allow data to flow transparently and securely once the associated devices are highly distributed and the environment becomes more complex.

Decentralized control is not possible. Now, Staex’s new tool is to be deployed as a true lightweight, focusing solely on the most important factors: decentralized networking, low software footprint, secure value transactions. The machine automation it targets is intended to make IoT companies work more effectively and give people more time.

Staex’s vision is that the IoT landscape can be permanently changed. Integrations should be significantly easier and faster. At the same time, the companies using it should be able to enter into new collaborations and thus offer shared services.

About Staex

Staex GmbH has been active on the market since 2021 and also received the Deep Tech Award this year. The foundation of the company, which operates in the industrial Web 3.0, was made out of the innovation lab of Deutsche Telekom. Therefore, it can build on an already existing cutting-edge technology. A management buy-out process was carried out in 2021. The currently successfully completed financing round will be the starting point for numerous changes, including the relocation of the company headquarters to Brandenburg.

Interested parties can contact the founder Alexandra Mikityuk, who will be happy to provide information about the company and further plans:

Staex GmbH
Carpenter road 3
12163 Berlin

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