Stellantis Introduces Revolutionary Virtual Cockpit Technology for Faster Infotainment Delivery


The Stellantis Virtual Engineering Workbench (VEW) introduces a groundbreaking virtual cockpit, revolutionizing the process of delivering infotainment technologies for the global automaker. By leveraging the QNX Hypervisor in BlackBerry’s cloud, available through the AWS Marketplace, Stellantis can create realistic virtual versions of vehicle controls and systems without modifying the main software. This results in a remarkable reduction in development time, from several months to just 24 hours.

Stellantis utilizes QNX Hypervisor for High Performance Compute Simulation

Stellantis is now able to conduct a High Performance Compute (HPC) simulation for a virtual cockpit in their digital twin cloud environment, thanks to their access to the QNX Hypervisor through the AWS Marketplace. This allows them to create a realistic virtual cockpit with advanced computing capabilities, providing a more immersive and accurate experience for testing and development purposes.

The introduction of this groundbreaking platform allows for the development of embedded applications with diverse functional safety requirements and multiple operating systems. With advanced tools for graphics, audio, and input virtualization, the execution of QNX Hypervisor-based systems in the cloud is virtually indistinguishable from physical hardware. This platform sets a new standard for seamless integration and performance, enabling automotive manufacturers to create innovative and secure solutions for their vehicles.

Stellantis revolutionizes mobility with virtual cockpit and software innovation

Software is a crucial component for Stellantis in ensuring good, safe, and affordable mobility. The virtual cockpit is an integral part of Stellantis’ strategy outlined in the Dare Forward 2030 plan. This innovative approach, utilizing the QNX Hypervisor in the cloud, allows for accelerated feedback cycles and real-time replication of a specific vehicle’s cockpit for a particular brand. This enables Stellantis to gather valuable feedback from customers and developers, optimizing the development of future infotainment features and applications.

Stellantis and BlackBerry collaboration revolutionizes the automotive industry

The collaboration between Stellantis and BlackBerry is groundbreaking for the automotive industry. By utilizing the QNX Hypervisor in the cloud, Stellantis can better understand and cater to the needs of their customers, while also delivering innovative technologies at a faster pace. This partnership also leads to reduced costs in developing in-car software and increases overall efficiency within the automotive sector.

Stellantis revolutionizes automotive industry with virtual cockpit and cloud-based hypervisor

The introduction of Stellantis’ virtual cockpit and the utilization of the QNX Hypervisor in the cloud represent a significant advancement towards customer-centric innovation and efficiency in the automotive industry. This cutting-edge technology enables Stellantis to dramatically reduce development time, gather real-time feedback, and gain a better understanding of customer needs. By implementing this innovative solution, Stellantis is setting new standards for the automotive industry and paving the way for a promising future of mobility.

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