Tejas Networks secures multi-million order for BSNL 4G/5G network


Tejas Networks Limited has secured a significant contract worth 74.92 million rupees for the nationwide 4G/5G network of BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited), marking a groundbreaking change in the Indian telecommunications landscape. This milestone has been made possible through collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS), paving the way for the delivery of premium Radio Access Network (RAN) equipment to approximately 100,000 sites across the country.

Formula for success: Technological innovation paired with continuous reliability

Tejas Networks will deploy the latest 4G/5G RAN equipment, meticulously chosen after extensive BSNL field tests, for the years 2023 and 2024. This assignment underscores the technical brilliance and innovative prowess of Tejas Networks’ research and development team. The successful validation of the company’s RAN products in demanding trials paves the way for their widespread commercial application.

Deeper insight into benefits: Detailed investigation

  • The advanced 4G/5G RAN equipment from Tejas Networks empowers BSNL to establish a scalable and cost-effective network, ensuring the availability of high-quality telecommunications services throughout India.
  • Tejas Networks’ cutting-edge RAN equipment ensures top-notch performance and quality. BSNL offers premium services to subscribers, including private and business clients, with reliable, fast connectivity meeting modern communication demands.
  • Final variant: Through the collaborative effort of Tejas Networks and TCS, India gains international recognition in the fiercely competitive, technology-intensive sector. This success reinforces India’s standing as a global hub for technological innovation and development.

Shaping the Future: Empowerment through Communication Evolution

The awarding of this contract to Tejas Networks signifies a significant stride forward in Indian communication technology. Advances in 4G/5G technology will not only alter the way we communicate, but also lay the foundation for future innovations. By enabling BSNL to construct a state-of-the-art network focused on quality, scalability, and cost-efficiency, Tejas Networks undoubtedly becomes a driving force behind India’s digital transformation.

Tejas Networks achieves a significant triumph with the recent contract for BSNL’s nationwide 4G/5G network. Built on technical excellence, innovative research, and close collaboration with TCS, this success highlights the delivered RAN equipment’s ability to provide scalable networks, exceptional performance, and establish new communication standards in India. This milestone firmly positions Tejas Networks as a leading player in India’s technology landscape and as a driving force for the upcoming era of communication.

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