Elevating Urban Living: ‘The Terrace’ Redefines Digitalization


A new landmark has emerged along the Charlottenburg Spree riverside: “The Terrace,” a remarkable creation by ANH Hausbesitz GmbH & Co. KG. This office building is not only visually striking but also at the forefront of technological advancement. The recognition bestowed upon it with the Platinum SmartScore certification and Gold WiredScore certificate underscores its pioneering role in the realm of intelligent buildings that meet the highest standards of digitization and sustainability.

Building Intelligence: The Core of Digital Transformation

Recognition of Intelligence: SmartScore Certification Honors Exceptional Buildings

The Terrace” is not merely an office building; it’s a technological marvel. The coveted Platinum-level SmartScore certification attests to more than just comprehensive digitalization – it signifies the seamless integration of intelligent systems. This recognition is reserved for only a select few buildings worldwide that have achieved such distinction.

Recognized Connectivity: Building Awarded WiredScore Certification for Excellence

In today’s working world, robust connectivity is essential. “The Terrace” has been awarded the WiredScore Gold certification, attesting to its exceptional digital infrastructure and reliability. In an era of seamless internet access and advanced communication systems, “The Terrace” fully satisfies the demands of the modern workplace.

Harmonizing Efficiency and Sustainability with the Digital Brain

Building Control Redefined: A Glimpse into the Future

An intelligent building is far more than a mere collection of sensors. “The Terrace” vividly showcases the seamless integration of sensors, data, and Artificial Intelligence into a powerful digital brain. This “brain” doesn’t solely capture usage data; it optimizes processes as well. For instance, when rooms are unoccupied, the heating automatically switches to an energy-saving mode – a significant stride towards sustainability and cost efficiency.

Energy Efficiency: Beyond a Mere Trend

The Terrace” redefines illumination with its advanced system. Sensors capture light conditions and occupancy. Real-time adjustments enhance comfort and yield up to 25 percent energy savings, marking a significant stride towards climate protection and cost reduction.

Embracing a Secure Digital Future Ahead

Seamlessly Merging Comfort and Security for Enhanced Experience

The user-friendliness of “The Terrace” goes hand in hand with cutting-edge security standards. The dedicated app empowers users to control all relevant building functions – from temperature to door access – while an intricate security concept ensures the protection of sensitive data against unauthorized access.

Vital Shields: Data Privacy and Cyber Security

In the era of digitization, safeguarding sensitive data is of paramount importance. “The Terrace” stands as a beacon of exemplary security practices, employing a sophisticated rights-based access control concept to manage data access. The comprehensive security assessment of all digital systems underscores the commitment to data protection. An advanced Cyber Security framework ensures the safeguarding of sensitive information against potential threats.

Inception of Tomorrow: The Future Is Here

The Terrace” is far more than a building; it embodies a vision of efficiency, sustainability, and comfort. It compellingly showcases how intelligent technologies can revolutionize the working world. From efficient building control to data security, it sets new standards. As a trailblazer for a smart future, “The Terrace” exemplifies sustainable innovation.

The Terrace” exemplifies the synergy of technology and sustainability within a building. The comprehensive integration of intelligent systems not only enables efficient energy management and significant cost savings but also offers remarkable comfort for users. Moreover, the building sets new standards in terms of security, implementing modern security protocols and data protection measures. Thus, “The Terrace” manifests a future where smart buildings revolutionize living and working by seamlessly blending technology and sustainability.

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