Trackunit: Acquisition of ConTech start-up Flexcavo perfect


On January 1, 2023, the acquisition deal became perfect and the Danish company Trackunit has taken over the Berlin-based start-up Flexcavo. This in turn will expand its software solutions for the construction industry.

Trackunit acquires Berlin start-up

Trackunit’s CEO, Mr. Soeren Brogaard, sees the acquisition as strengthening the company’s own services and portfolio for construction companies and companies with mixed fleets. It is expected that customers worldwide will benefit from the acquisition and that the Berlin-based start-up will be able to develop the right software solution for them.

Until now, its task has been to organize and, if possible, automate processes and workflows between the construction site, headquarters and construction yard. For construction companies, this is a good idea, because thanks to the optimization, they can save costs as well as achieve greater efficiency.

Managing Director Soeren Brogaard believes his own company is on the right track after the acquisition and that they are ambitious in further refining the overall strategy. The company currently employs slightly less than 400 people, and now the know-how is being pooled with the Flexcavo employees. The big goal now is to become a leading provider of software solutions that can be used in the construction industry. In this way, the company wants to set new standards and further advance digitization in the construction industry.

Construction companies will benefit, as the new solutions will enable them to receive faster updates, work with real-time data on the machines used and significantly increase the level of automation.

Following the acquisition, the aim is to target key markets and find new ways to improve productivity, efficiency and machine utilization, says Soeren Brogaard. The collaboration between the two companies is expected to further improve their products. At the same time, it should be possible to open up new business areas and make the world of construction companies more digital.

About Trackunit

The company is one of the leading providers of IoT solutions for the global construction equipment industry. Machine data is collected in real time in these solutions, providing customers with directly actionable and predictive information. Furthermore, they can make decisions on further production strategy based on the data. Trackunit’s industry-leading telematics software is in daily use around the world.

For further information please contact us:

Trackunit GmbH
Dörntener road 21
38644 Goslar

About Flexcavo

The start-up from Berlin was only founded in July 2020 and now experienced the acquisition by the Danish company on January 1, 2023. The founders Leonhard Fricke and Benedict Aicher focused on improved digitization options in the construction industry since the company was founded. Processes are being optimized so that deployment planning can be database-driven from now on. The company also focuses on telematics-supported workflow automation.

The company is considered a pioneer in the digitization of companies and has focused in particular on construction processes. Innovative approaches and the use of state-of-the-art technologies have attracted the attention of the Danish company, which is now the new owner, to Flexcavo.

For further information please use the following contact:

Flexcavo Ltd.
Torstrasse 33
0119 Berlin

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