VINCI Startup Speed Dating: new ideas for green energy


VINCI Energies, the global systems integrator, is once again inviting start-ups to its VINCI Startup Speed Dating event on 26 June 2023. This is the fourth time that the successful digital event has taken place, this time dedicated to the theme of “Green Energy for Future”. Start-ups from all over Europe will have the unique opportunity to present their innovative solutions in the field of renewable energies to decision-makers from VINCI Energies and its brands. After the event, the system integrator aims to establish concrete partnerships that can lead to a go-to-market step.

Applications from green hydrogen start-ups: value chain offers numerous opportunities

Start-ups have the opportunity to apply for the green hydrogen value chain solution environment. In this area, they can contribute their expertise in various fields, such as the planning, services, maintenance and protection of infrastructure, energy generation from photovoltaics, wind or biogas, the production, storage, transport and use of hydrogen, as well as the development of new use cases and business models.

After the registration phase, during which start-ups can register on the event’s official website until 7 May 2023, VINCI Energies will invite the 10 to 15 most fascinating technology companies to speed dating. This event will give the companies the chance to present their software and hardware solutions to VINCI Energies decision-makers and explore initial potential synergies.

Practical successes are a direct result of the speed dating concept

Many successful collaborations between start-ups and established companies have already been created through previous speed dating events. These collaborations found application in various customer projects and use cases. One example is the emergence of a joint go-to-market partnership between the “5G Campus Network” service provider of Axians, a VINCI Energies brand, and the British startup Mobilus Labs, which specialises in connected-worker solutions.

Customers have the opportunity to use a powerful and reliable communication network that covers both indoor and outdoor areas. In addition, they can comprehensively network their employees via a smart device that can be connected to conventional smartphones. This solution enables secure voice-over-IP communication at any location and offers additional services such as geolocation and digital scheduling (workforce management). This joint offering was recently presented to potential customers at this year’s “Cisco Live” conference in Amsterdam.

VINCI Energies has already established fruitful partnerships in the field of renewable energies. Two start-ups, Enapter and Actemium, are collaborating to produce high-performance electrolysers that produce green hydrogen sustainably. These electrolysers are of great importance for a successful energy transition, as they can be used both as energy storage (power-to-X) and as fuel. To support market entry, the Actemium and Omexom brands are working closely with Enapter and offering their expertise in engineering and commissioning at Enapter’s own production facility in Saerbeck near Münster.

The start-up Instagrid is dedicated to decarbonising construction sites and has developed portable battery systems. These systems enable the power supply of electrical equipment such as saws, drills and welding equipment and offer a sustainable alternative to diesel generators. Compared to their conventional counterparts, the battery systems are lighter, more manageable and generate less noise. Another advantage is that they minimise the risk of dirt entering the ground. The VINCI Energies brand is actively using this solution to reduce its carbon footprint.

Challenges and opportunities of the “digital ecosystem” as a future model

As a key element of its digital agenda, VINCI Energies is undergoing a continuous transformation towards an ecosystem-focused organisation. This move is motivated by the increasing demands of business and society, which require new forms of collaboration to develop solutions that transcend specialist skills.

The Digital Lab, called Digitalschmiede, is a unique offering in Germany as part of Startup Connect. It gives up-and-coming technology companies the opportunity to network with VINCI Energies and develop new business opportunities through customer projects. Collaboration can take place in a variety of ways to meet the individual needs of the companies.

  • Start-ups are included as partners in ongoing or planned customer projects in order to implement their solutions and in this way immediately generate new revenues.
  • Young companies are given the opportunity to integrate their solutions and services directly into VINCI Energies structures and the corresponding brands. This allows them to generate revenue while scaling their solutions within the corporate network.
  • Start-ups expand their own service offering by using VINCI Energies’ core competencies to access its expertise and complementary resources to grow their own business.

In addition to the young companies, VINCI Energies – including the Actemium, Axians, Omexom and VINCI Energies Building Solutions brands – and existing and potential customers are also benefiting from new technologies, expanded business lines and, ultimately, higher sales. It is a beneficial situation for all parties involved.

At VINCI Energies, the focus is on the two key issues of our time: digitalisation and the energy transition. These two areas are closely linked, as an effective energy transition is only possible through the integration of digital solutions. At the same time, successful digitalisation enables the intelligent use of energy and the transition to green energy. These connections are emphasised by Sascha Bäcker, VINCI Energies CDO for DACH and Eastern Europe.

A large number of start-ups have recognised this and, based on their specific mindset, are working on creative solutions to tackle previously undiscovered areas. We are excited to learn about new ideas and to actively drive the energy transition together with these companies.

Startup Connect, a programme initiated by VINCI Energies, perfectly meets the current requirements for flexible business development,” explains Katharina Hickel, head of the Digital Ecosystem at VINCI Energies. “The increasing adoption of digital technologies ensures ever shorter change cycles. To operate successfully under such market conditions, collaboration between companies is essential,” emphasises Sascha Bäcker, VINCI Energies CDO for the DACH region and Eastern Europe.

VINCI Energies Deutschland GmbH: Contributions to digitalisation and the energy transition

VINCI Energies is a reliable partner for implementing the ecological turnaround. With our cross-technology solutions, we help customers transform their processes and infrastructures. With our regional roots, we are close to our customers’ needs and contribute daily to greater sustainability, efficiency and reliability.

VINCI Energies’ Startup Connect programme opens up new prospects for start-ups in the fields of smart industry, smart energy, smart building and smart city. Over 300 business units in the DACH region are available to start-ups to be integrated into innovative customer projects.

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