Efficient route planning and CO2 reduction through AI integration


Weber Data Service revolutionizes the logistics industry with its innovative software solution, driven by the passion for technology and commitment to sustainability of its owner and CEO, Astrid Drexhage. By integrating artificial intelligence, the company enables efficient resource utilization and CO2 reduction through optimized route planning. This not only improves operational efficiency but also contributes to environmental protection. With data-driven insights, logistics providers can streamline their processes and make a valuable contribution to a greener future.

AI Integration in Logistics Software Enables Efficient Route Planning and CO2 Reductions

Weber Data Service’s integration of artificial intelligence into their standard software allows for the creation of proposals for local transport disposition and tour optimization. This not only leads to a more efficient utilization of resources but also contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions. By intelligently analyzing data, logistics service providers can optimize their processes and make a valuable contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Boosting Productivity and Work-Life Balance Through Home Office Models

At Weber Data Service, a strong emphasis is placed on individual responsibility and trust. Through the implementation of a Home Office model, Astrid Drexhage and her team are able to work flexibly, resulting in increased productivity. This approach allows employees to tailor their work to their individual needs while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The focus is on delivering results, rather than adhering to strict screen-time schedules.

Astrid Drexhage collaborates with Hochschule Bielefeld to develop innovative logistics solutions

Astrid Drexhage collaborates closely with Hochschule Bielefeld to develop innovative solutions for the logistics industry. By integrating artificial intelligence into their software solutions, Weber Data Service stays at the forefront of technology. This close collaboration with experts and scientists enables the company to identify customers’ needs early on and offer customized solutions.

Weber Data Service: Innovating Logistics with Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Weber Data Service is committed to sustainability and environmental protection, as evidenced by their certification according to the guidelines of ÖKOPROFIT. The company actively engages in environmentally friendly practices, implementing processes and measures that reduce environmental impact and increase resource efficiency.

Innovative Logistics Software: Optimizing Processes, Saving Costs, and Supporting Sustainability

Weber Data Service’s innovative logistics software empowers companies to optimize their processes, reduce costs, and make a valuable contribution to environmental and climate protection. Through close collaboration with research institutions and the integration of artificial intelligence, the company stays at the forefront of technology. With a clear corporate philosophy based on sustainability and environmental protection, Weber Data Service sets standards in the logistics industry and actively shapes the future.

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