Siemens Technology Center in Garching: A Hub for Collaboration and Innovation


The opening of the first phase of Siemens Technology Center (STC) in Garching Research Center marks a significant milestone in Siemens’ commitment to fostering cutting-edge research and innovation. With the presence of renowned institutions such as the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Max-Planck Institute, and SAP, the Garching Research Campus is poised to become one of Europe’s premier hubs for scientific inquiry and education. STC’s establishment will undoubtedly bolster Germany’s reputation as a global leader in top-tier research and development.

Open research and innovation ecosystem promotes collaboration with top institutions

An open research and innovation ecosystem promotes collaboration with the Technical University of Munich, international research institutions, and leading companies. This ecosystem provides a platform for sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources, enabling the development of cutting-edge technologies and solutions. By fostering collaboration among academia, industry, and research organizations, the ecosystem leverages diverse perspectives and capabilities to tackle complex challenges and drive innovation. It serves as a hub for interdisciplinary research and facilitates the transfer of research findings into practical applications and commercialization.

The Siemens Technology Center represents openness and collaboration within a research and innovation ecosystem. By partnering with the Technical University of Munich and other international research institutions and companies, the center enables the joint tackling of contemporary challenges. This open collaboration allows for the pooling of resources and the acceleration of innovations.

Siemens Technology Center Achieves GOLD Certification for Sustainability

The building complex of the Siemens Technology Center meets the highest sustainability standards and is certified with the internationally recognized LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) GOLD certification. This certification demonstrates the building’s commitment to environmental responsibility and contributes significantly to Siemens’ goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2030.

The Siemens Technology Center in Garching is dedicated to advancing the research in industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI), which further strengthens Siemens’ leading position in this field. By focusing on the exploration of industrial AI, Siemens aims to enhance programming capabilities, enable early detection of production disruptions, and facilitate natural language communication between humans and machines. This research will contribute to the development of more efficient and sustainable industrial products and systems.

The Siemens Technology Center (STC) will primarily focus on researching industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI). With approximately 3,700 AI patents, Siemens holds a leading position in this field. By utilizing AI technologies, programming can be simplified, production disruptions can be detected early on, and communication between humans and machines can be facilitated in natural language. This research will contribute to advancements in AI applications for industrial processes and enhance efficiency and productivity in manufacturing environments.

Siemens Technology Center: Central Hub for Research Activities in Germany

In the Siemens Technology Center, central research activities of Siemens in Germany are consolidated. The first construction phase is utilized by approximately 450 employees and 150 scientists from the Technical University of Munich. The second construction phase, scheduled for 2027, will accommodate over 630 researchers and patent experts. At that point, the STC will become Siemens’ largest research site worldwide.

Siemens invests over 100 million euros in the Siemens Technology Center, showcasing top-notch research in Germany

The Siemens Technology Center, funded with over 100 million euros, demonstrates Siemens’ commitment to cutting-edge research in Germany. Collaborating with esteemed partners such as the Technical University of Munich, SAP, BMW, Fraunhofer Institutes, and startups, Siemens is focused on developing technologies that enhance the efficiency and sustainability of industrial products and systems. This investment signifies Siemens’ dedication to driving innovation and advancing the development, manufacturing, and operation of industrial products and facilities.

The Siemens Technology Center in Garching is a significant milestone in strengthening cutting-edge research and the German innovation landscape. By collaborating with leading companies and international research institutions, an open research and innovation ecosystem is created. The center’s focus on exploring industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) further reinforces Siemens’ leading position in the field. With an investment of over 100 million euros, Siemens demonstrates its commitment to advancing research and innovation in Germany. The Siemens Technology Center will play a vital role in developing, manufacturing, and operating industrial products and systems more efficiently and sustainably.

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