5G for AIoT applications: Aetina and Fibocom deliver high speed


Aetina and Fibocom are now working together to bring high-speed 5G capacity to edge AI computing platforms. The result is a powerful and flexible solution.

Aetina and Fibocom: collaboration delivers high-performance edge AI computing platforms

Aetina builds high-performance GPGPU and Jetson edge AI computing solutions for embedded applications. Now the company is announcing a partnership with Fibocom. The latter provides wireless IoT solutions as well as communication modules. Aetina’s edge AI computing platforms are new to the market. They are based on NVIDIA Jetson modules, which are compatible with Fibocom’s FM160 5G communication module. Users and developers can thus benefit from high performance as well as flexibility while leveraging the 5G network for faster, seamless and real-time connectivity.

Edge computing requires intensive workloads, such as for computer vision. The many artificial intelligence (AI) tasks make it increasingly important to ensure real-time, low-latency 5G capabilities. Fibocom’s FM160 5G module complies with all 3GPP Release 16 (R16) standards and supports NR Carrier Aggregation (CA). With extended coverage, high throughput and better capacity, the 5G user experience can be greatly enhanced. Industrial enterprises can thus benefit from the intelligent and autonomous decisions.

Fibicom: High-performance and wireless modules.

The Fibocom company provides wireless communication modules and solutions in the Internet of Things field worldwide. Fibocom creates and markets numerous end-to-end solutions for a wide range of wireless IoT communications for IoT device manufacturers, telecom operators and IoT system integrators. Fibocom develops high-performance wireless communication modules such as 5G, LTE/LTE-A, NB-IoT/LTE-M, Android Smart, Automotive, WCDMA/HSPA(+), GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, GNSS.

“Our collaboration with Aetina reflects Fibocom’s commitment to building the AIoT world,” said Simon Tao, general manager of MBB Product Management at Fibocom. By providing 5G capacity at the edge, he said, AIoT can realize its full potential. Which will usher in a new era of connectivity, he added. Thus, he said, revolutionizing the way we live, work and play.

Collaboration is here to stay

Aetina offers a wide range of compact and energy-efficient edge AI computing platforms. All are based on NVIDIA Jetson modules. For example, the Aetina AN810-XNX supports M.2 devices with an expansion slot. These help developers flexibly expand their systems’ communication capabilities as well as I/O connectivity. This offers low power consumption for edge AI computing in addition to high power consumption.

Aetina and Fibocom continue to collaborate on AI and 5G solutions based on NVIDIA Jetson modules. They will also develop and optimize the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin during their partnership. With 5G, AIoT has the potential to drive change across industries. This will create new opportunities for edge devices with energy-efficient performance.

Edge AI computing platforms from Aetina.

Taiwan-based Aetina Corporation, provides high-performance GPGPU and Jetson edge AI computing solutions that are used in embedded applications. The focus of Aetina’s developments is on the industrial market. There, the company offers components and longevity services. In addition, Aetina sees itself as an integrator in the AIoT market, taking on customers’ problems there by developing intelligent, innovative and reliable GPU solutions that meet the latest requirements and standards in the world of IoT.

“Aetina has built a broad and strong ecosystem network in the global edge AI industry,” said Austin Lin, product area manager of Jetson Series at Aetina. Customers will benefit from the collaboration with Fibocom in view of the growing demand for the developments with reliable AI platform and real-time connectivity.

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