Actility strengthens its presence in the Middle East IoT market


Actility, a leading French company in the field of Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN), has launched a strategic initiative to strengthen its presence in the rapidly growing IoT market in the Middle East. With this initiative, Actility acknowledges the crucial role of LPWAN IoT implementations in this important region. By leveraging their expertise in LPWAN technology, Actility aims to provide reliable and efficient connectivity solutions for various industries in the Middle East, driving the growth of the IoT market.

Impressive growth expected in IoT market in Middle East and Africa

The IoT market in the Middle East is experiencing significant growth, with projections indicating a substantial increase from $43.99 billion in 2023 to $241.65 billion by 2030 in the region, including Africa. This represents an impressive annual growth rate of 27.6% from 2023 to 2030. Actility is at the forefront of this development, driven by pioneering projects such as the Red Sea Giga Project.

In collaboration with MachinesTalk, a comprehensive IoT security solution has been successfully implemented, ensuring real-time connectivity and safety for on-site construction workers and vehicle fleet. This solution incorporates over 39,000 Abeeway trackers, enabling accurate tracking and monitoring of personnel and assets. By leveraging IoT technology, potential risks and incidents can be proactively addressed, enhancing overall safety and productivity in construction environments.

Actility has appointed Yacine Salem as the Sales Manager for the Middle East & Africa region to enhance its presence and foster local partnerships. Yacine’s extensive market knowledge will be instrumental in maintaining relationships with renowned partners such as Agreefy and STC Group, including their subsidiaries IoT+, MachinesTalk, Solutions by STC, E&, Waseela, ModSoft, and Cisco. This strategic move demonstrates Actility’s commitment to expanding its reach and leveraging key partnerships in the region.

This collaboration indicates a synergy aiming to harness the full potential of LPWAN technology in addressing the diverse requirements of various industries in the region. By leveraging LPWAN’s capabilities, businesses across sectors can benefit from enhanced connectivity, improved operational efficiency, and optimized resource management. This partnership highlights the strategic focus on utilizing LPWAN to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by industries in the area, ultimately driving innovation and growth in the region’s IoT landscape.

LPWAN Networks: Extending IoT Device Battery Life in Remote Areas

  1. LPWAN networks provide exceptional energy efficiency, allowing IoT devices to have an extremely long battery life. This is particularly beneficial for applications deployed in remote or inaccessible areas where battery replacement is infrequent
  2. LPWAN networks provide an impressive range of several kilometers, enabling IoT devices to communicate across large areas without the need for additional infrastructure
  3. LPWAN networks are highly scalable, allowing for the support of a large number of IoT devices. This enables companies to easily expand their IoT network as the number of devices increases
  4. LPWAN networks offer cost savings due to their low bandwidth and data transfer rates, making them an attractive option for businesses seeking a cost-effective solution for their IoT applications

Actility’s LPWAN Initiative in the Middle East: Expanding Presence and Partnerships

Actility’s initiative to expand its presence in the Middle East and collaborate with partners such as MachinesTalk and STC Group highlights the significant potential of LPWAN technology in the region. The energy efficiency, extensive coverage, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of LPWAN networks make them an ideal solution for the increasing number of IoT applications in the Middle East. By leveraging Actility’s expertise and commitment to local partnerships, the region can benefit from the advantages of LPWAN technology and drive further growth in its IoT market.

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