Advantech recognized as top performer in sustainability rankings


Advantech, a global leader in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) sector, has achieved a significant milestone by being included in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI-World). This recognition highlights Advantech’s exceptional performance in sustainability and its commitment to environmentally friendly and responsible business practices. Being part of the top 10% of companies worldwide in terms of sustainable development showcases Advantech’s dedication to creating a sustainable future.

Advantech achieves remarkable rankings in sustainability assessments

Advantech’s exceptional performance in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment solidifies its position as a leader in sustainable development. With a fourth-place ranking in the THQ Computer & Peripherals and Office Electronics sector, Advantech demonstrates its commitment to responsible business practices. Furthermore, the company’s first-place ranking in Corporate Governance and Economic Dimensions, as well as its second-place ranking in Social Dimensions, highlights its comprehensive sustainability strategy. Advantech’s remarkable achievements underscore its dedication to creating a sustainable and thriving future.

Advantech receives perfect scores in key sustainability assessment criteria

Advantech has received perfect scores in five out of 25 possible evaluation criteria, including “tax policy,” “innovation management,” “resource efficiency and circular economy,” “waste management,” and “privacy protection.” These outstanding ratings demonstrate Advantech’s commitment to aligning its business activities with a sustainable vision while maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and data privacy.

Advantech integrates sustainable solutions across its core business

Advantech focuses on pursuing a sustainable vision and integrating it into all areas of its business. The company has developed a wide range of sustainable intelligent solutions and successfully integrated them into its core operations. These solutions include intelligent energy management systems, intelligent healthcare, intelligent factories, and intelligent transportation. By incorporating sustainability into its business strategy, Advantech demonstrates its commitment to creating innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions that address the challenges of today’s world.

By establishing partnerships within the industrial chain ecosystems, Advantech was able to generate more than 18% of its revenue from sustainable products in 2022. These impressive figures demonstrate Advantech’s commitment to aligning its business capabilities with sustainable goals and pursuing a balanced approach in all areas.

Advantech establishes sustainability committee to monitor ESG strategy at board level

Advantech’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the establishment of a Sustainability Development Committee that oversees the comprehensive ESG development strategy at the executive level. The integration of sustainability aspects into daily operations and the strengthening of sustainable operational competitiveness are key components of Advantech’s corporate governance.

Advantech is committed to focusing on a “Green Operation,” “Popularizing IoT for the Common Good,” and “Employee Well-being and Charitable Investments.” Through conscious and controlled efforts, the company aims to consistently achieve exceptional results and establish itself as a robust benchmark company. By prioritizing sustainable practices and investing in employee welfare and charitable initiatives, Advantech demonstrates its dedication to responsible business operations and making a positive impact on society.

Advantech excels in environmental and social responsibility efforts

Advantech is committed to reducing carbon emissions and has conducted extensive investigations into internal carbon pricing. The company actively engages in environmental initiatives and societal engagement, showcasing a strong dedication to sustainability. By prioritizing the reduction of carbon emissions, Advantech demonstrates its commitment to mitigating climate change and contributing to a greener future. Through rigorous internal assessments, Advantech ensures that its carbon reduction efforts align with global sustainability goals and best practices. This proactive approach highlights the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sets an example for others in the industry.

Advantech leverages its AIoT capabilities to identify opportunities for assessing collective vulnerabilities in biodiversity and involving employees in ecological conservation efforts. Through initiatives focused on green products and sustainable practices, the company reduces carbon emissions by utilizing environmentally friendly packaging materials and promoting a green and low-carbon supply chain.

Advantech: A Leader in Sustainable Development and IoT

Advantech has established itself as a leading company in the industrial Internet of Things and is now also a pioneer in sustainable development. Its inclusion in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and its outstanding rankings in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment have demonstrated that Advantech aligns its business activities with a sustainable vision and meets the highest standards in corporate governance, environmental aspects, and social engagement.

Advantech’s commitment to sustainability and its successful ESG performance have established the company as a robust benchmark enterprise. Remaining true to its motto, “Enabling an Intelligent Planet,” Advantech continues to prioritize environmentally-friendly and responsible business practices. With its innovative solutions and unwavering dedication to sustainability, Advantech is leading the way towards a sustainable future.

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