Aidon and Telenor IoT rely on predictive maintenance


Aidonein is working with Telenor IoT to connect smart energy services. This will allow more devices to be connected, collecting sensor data in real time. Customers can then get the data to perform preventive and predictive maintenance.

Aidon and Telenor connect smart energy service devices

Visibility into grid processes plays an important role in smart grids. Therefore, they rely on the data from the devices to know what is happening and what may happen in the near future. The challenge with these smart grids is the speed of data transmission. Network operators depend on getting the data as fast as possible to be able to react quickly. The more data and the faster they get it, the better. This also makes it easier to understand demand across the network. As load factors change, operators can then quickly adjust the network.

Aidon and Telenor IoT: Multiple network operator profiles at the same time.

In the use of GSMA eSIM SGP.31 by Telenor and Aidon, a leader in the electric utility industry in Scandinavia, for smart metering, smart grids and services, consumers have the ability to have and switch between multiple grid operator profiles. From a smart meter perspective, this simplifies the process of switching providers.

Here, customers simply have to register with a new provider, pass on the eSIM data to them, and the provider transfers its data to this. This also eliminates the need for a technician to come by for configuration. As soon as the data for the switch has been received, the changeover can take place seamlessly. In the process, the termination and start numbers will also be transmitted from the meter.

So far, it is not clear how many operators will initially set their profiles to the eSIM. For Aidon, the agreement with Telenor represents an advantage over other smart meter providers.

Aidon and Telenor IoT: What is Enterprise Times?

Data is existential for network operators. At all times, they need to know what is being consumed and where. Enterprise Times enables them to fine-tune their networks to ensure an uninterrupted supply of energy to customers. This also ensures that they don’t have to buy too much electricity because the forecasts may be too inaccurate. With the ever-increasing cost of electricity, this is an advantage for Adion and Telenor over other suppliers.

The biggest advantage for Telenor and Adion is the use of GSMA eSIM SGP.31, as few companies use this technology, giving Aidon a commercial advantage over its competitors.

Hybrid measurement solutions from Aidon

“Aidon will deliver more and more point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networked IoT smart metering devices in the coming years,” said Tommi Blomberg, CEO of Aidon. The collaboration gives Aidon’s customers the freedom to design metering solutions in a new and very hybrid way. The solutions are perfect for each individual case. “When we were looking for partners for IoT connectivity, Telenor IoT was a great fit for our innovative and customer-centric approach. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Telenor IoT, and we look forward to offering their services to many of our new and existing customers as part of our solutions,” adds Blomberg.

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