AirITSystems named official partner for SD-WAN and Zero Trust Access in Germany


In today’s digital landscape, the threat of cyber attacks has become a critical concern for businesses. As a result, the importance of IT security has grown exponentially. Traditional solutions are no longer sufficient, and it is imperative to reimagine IT security and stay one step ahead of attackers. The concept of Zero Trust Access exemplifies the need to avoid placing blind trust in users, devices, or networks, highlighting the importance of a proactive and cautious approach to security.

AirITSystems becomes official SD-WAN partner and exclusive ZTA partner in Germany

AirITSystems is proud to be the official partner for SD-WAN and the exclusive partner for Zero Trust Access (ZTA) in Germany. This recognition as a certified Fortinet partner allows AirITSystems to stay updated with the latest developments in IT security and provide even better support to its customers. With its specialization in SD-WAN and ZTA, AirITSystems demonstrates its ability to offer technically advanced security solutions and managed services.

AirITSystems is currently the only listed Fortinet partner for Zero Trust Access (ZTA) in Germany, which highlights their unique position in the market. This partnership with Fortinet is a crucial component in providing top-notch IT security solutions and showcases AirITSystems’ expertise and knowledge. Furthermore, they have plans for additional certifications and joint projects, demonstrating their commitment to offering even more comprehensive security solutions to their customers. With their strong partnership with Fortinet and ongoing advancements, AirITSystems is setting the standard for IT security in Germany.

AirITSystems invites interested individuals to experience their expertise firsthand at the Security Day ON TOUR. Taking place at four locations in Germany, this event showcases numerous industry experts, engaging presentations, and renowned partners. Attendees have the opportunity to immerse themselves in comprehensive IT and information security, all under one roof. From defining security requirements and ensuring reliable documentation to implementing SD-WAN and maintaining secure infrastructure operations, including monitoring with SOC 2.0, AirITSystems offers a holistic security solution.

Overall, the partnership with Fortinet and the specialization in SD-WAN and ZTA offer numerous benefits for AirITSystems and its customers. Through close collaboration with Fortinet, AirITSystems is able to provide its customers with innovative and technologically advanced security solutions. The certifications as a Fortinet partner highlight AirITSystems’ expertise and knowledge in the field of IT security. The Security Day ON TOUR provides interested individuals with the opportunity to experience AirITSystems’ extensive know-how firsthand and benefit from the solutions offered.

AirITSystems is a leading player in the field of IT security, thanks to its partnership with Fortinet and its specialization in SD-WAN and ZTA. Their solutions provide an effective defense against cyber threats and help businesses meet their IT security requirements. With their extensive expertise and innovative solutions, AirITSystems is a trusted partner for IT security solutions, offering comprehensive support to its customers.

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