Alibaba Group plans separate IPO for Cainiao’s logistics division in Hong Kong


Chinese internet giant Alibaba Group has announced plans to spin off various business divisions after the company’s restructuring. This includes the logistics arm, Cainiao. Alibaba will list its massive logistics network, Cainiao Network Technology Co., on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The IPO has already been approved by the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Alibaba plans separate listing for Cainiao’s stocks

The Alibaba Group Holding announced its plans to separate Cainiao Smart Logistics Network by listing the company’s shares on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Following the completion of the separation, Alibaba will retain over 50 percent of the ownership in Cainiao and continue to operate it as a subsidiary, as stated in a recent announcement. This move aims to unlock the value of Cainiao and provide it with independent growth opportunities in the logistics industry.

Alibaba Group Holding owns majority stake in Cainiao’s logistics network

The Alibaba Group Holding currently holds approximately 69.54 percent of the shares in the logistics network Cainiao. Cainiao’s main business areas include logistics, technology, and other services. The company was founded around a decade ago and experienced a 34 percent increase in revenue compared to the previous year, with a revenue of 23.16 billion Yuan or approximately 3.18 billion US dollars in the three months ending on June 30, 2023.

Alibaba undergoes restructuring, spins off Cainiao

Alibaba’s comprehensive restructuring in March 2023 transformed the company into a holding company with six major business segments. The spin-off of Cainiao is part of this strategy to independently list individual business units while strengthening Alibaba Group’s core business.

Alibaba’s Cainiao poised for successful IPO

The IPO of Cainiao provides Alibaba with several advantages. By listing the logistics company separately, Alibaba can still hold over 50 percent of the shares and benefit from Cainiao’s success. At the same time, the separation of Cainiao allows Alibaba to focus on its core business and strengthens the independence of each business unit.

The increasing revenue of Cainiao demonstrates the company’s success and its significant potential. The IPO in Hong Kong provides Alibaba with the opportunity to attract investors and further accelerate the growth of Cainiao. Overall, the IPO of Cainiao is a crucial step for Alibaba to expand its position as one of the leading internet conglomerates and successfully develop its logistics network.

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