anacision: Ready-to-deploy SaaS AI solutions for autonomous production processes


anacision reaches the next stage of growth by gaining Dr. Christian Scherrer, a top-class AI and SaaS expert as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), for the expert team of the Karlsruhe-based company.

anacision wins successful Chief Revenue Officer for itself

To further advance its business development, anacision is strengthening its management team. Thus, anacision was able to gain Dr. Christian Scherrer. The AI and SaaS expert is now Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at anacision.

Previously, Scherrer was Director in Product Management at the software company Blue Younder, Inc, where he was responsible for an international growth of an AI-based SaaS product for supply chain management.

“I am looking forward to the cooperation with Christian Scherrer and the future ahead of us. We come from data science consulting, highly specialized in AI and are transforming more and more into a SaaS company with an AI software portfolio,” Rico Knapper is excited.

anacision promotes artificial intelligence in industry

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Science company anacision can look back on a whole series of successes. With its first customers from industry, anacision has been able to further expand innovative ready-to-use SaaS AI solutions for autonomous production processes.

In recent years, there have already been more and more disruptions in supply chains. As a result, the risks to business have grown significantly. The key to solving this problem lies in high flexibility and responsiveness.

However, logistics holds a high level of complexity and decisions need to be made quickly. Therefore, AI-powered technology is the only sensible way to simplify and speed up processes. According to an IT Trends study by Capgemini, more than a third, 35.5 percent, of industrial companies now rely on AI solutions for everyday manufacturing.

Process decisions can be made quickly and automatically using targeted data from machines on the shop floor and implemented directly. This greatly increases responsiveness and production efficiency. For this solution, easily integrated and quickly deployable AI software is more in demand than ever before.

Karlsruhe-based anacision continues to expand the development of ready-to-use SaaS solutions for autonomous production processes. The process is driven by customer successes and high demand for the latest AI software. “Previously regarded as a science, AI has undergone a major shift in perception. Many companies now have their own experience with it, and topics that were originally hyped are suddenly normality. Therefore, AI products with quantifiable benefits and easy integrability are most in demand,” explains Rico Knapper, Managing Director at anacision.

Industrial companies have to deal with uncertainties on a daily basis. For example, with limited material availability or machine failures. The intelligent software from anacision ensures the responsiveness of companies. At the same time, it delivers a real, practical solution to all challenges. anacision focuses on two products for AI solutions.

anacision PLANNING: Intelligent Detailed Planning for Smart Factory

The anacision PLANNING product is a holistic planning solution for production. The software makes use of the latest IoT and AI technologies. This enables industrial companies to achieve unprecedented optimization potential.

Within seconds, efficient production plans can be calculated with anacision PLANNING. These optimize production even with limited capacities such as material, machines or personnel, set-up times, throughput times and while meeting deadlines. Planning data and production progress can always be compared in order to keep optimization up-to-date in case of deviations.

anacision MACHINE HEALTH: Minimize downtime and maintenance work
anacision MACHINE HEALTH is the second product on which anacision focuses. The software constantly calculates an AI-based health index for the machines, equipment and individual components in real time.

Should the index drop, the AI software automatically detects progressive wear and critical conditions and immediately alerts responsible parties in detail about the emerging issues. This prevents unplanned downtimes, long maintenance work and expensive standstills in production.

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