Enhanced IT Security Solutions at Attractive Non-Profit Prices


Under the framework agreement between WGKD and Sophos, eligible institutions, organizations, and associations benefit from significantly reduced non-profit conditions for Sophos products. These products can only be obtained through WGKD authorized distribution partners. As an authorized and successful distribution partner for Sophos solutions, Aphos offers WGKD users particularly high added value compared to other distribution partners.

Comprehensive IT support and expertise for WGKD users

Aphos, as a fully accredited partner of Sophos, offers WGKD users professional guidance and support throughout their IT security projects. With their expertise, users can ensure that their IT security solutions are implemented and maintained effectively. Aphos’ partnership with Sophos also provides users with access to comprehensive technical support, allowing them to rely on a trusted and knowledgeable team for all their IT security needs.

Aphos offers integrated security solutions for synchronized protection

Aphos, as a Sophos Synchronized Security Partner, offers a comprehensive integrated security solution that synchronizes various components such as firewalls, endpoints, and servers. This ensures an effective defense against threats and provides extensive protection for the IT infrastructure of WGKD users.

Aphos offers special conditions for Professional Service to WGKD users

Aphos, as a specialized service provider and consultant for IT security, offers WGKD users special conditions on their professional service offerings. In addition to their expertise in project implementation and manufacturer competence, Aphos also provides comprehensive vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. These additional benefits allow WGKD users to further optimize their IT security and identify and address potential vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

Thanks to the partnership between Aphos and WGKD, users benefit from numerous advantages in the field of IT security. With the reduced non-profit conditions for Sophos products and the competent support provided by Aphos as a fully technically accredited Sophos Platinum Partner, WGKD users receive high-quality IT security solutions at attractive conditions.

The Synchronized Security offered by Aphos, along with their specialized solutions for firewalls, endpoints, and servers, as well as their comprehensive professional service offerings, provide additional value and ensure optimal protection of the IT infrastructure. With Aphos as their partner, WGKD users have access to all the necessary resources and expertise to elevate their IT security to a new level.

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