MAFI and Arnold NextG Collaborate to Upgrade Fleet with Automated Driving Systems


The collaboration between MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH and Arnold NextG enables the retrofitting of heavy-duty trucks with automated driving systems, taking their innovation in transport technology to the next level. With the integration of a highly reliable and redundant Drive-by-Wire system developed by Arnold NextG, all MAFI vehicle platforms can now be upgraded to operate autonomously. This advancement not only extends the operational hours of the trucks but also addresses the shortage of qualified drivers in the logistics industry, while enhancing overall safety and efficiency.

MAFI and Arnold NextG collaborate to advance vehicle retrofitting

The collaboration between MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH and Arnold NextG aims to advance the retrofitting of existing vehicles, in addition to producing series-ready drive-by-wire new vehicles. This partnership reflects MAFI’s commitment to promoting sustainability through retrofitting, as stated by Kevin Arnold. Within the next three months, MAFI plans to offer its plug-and-play solution from Arnold NextG for the T230 and T230e terminal trucks, providing a “variant option” with an ADSchnittstelle interface directly from the assembly line or as a retrofit solution for existing vehicle fleets. Initial retrofitted vehicles have successfully passed testing, and the integration into other vehicle platforms is planned to happen soon.

Automated or autonomous trucks used for container or intermodal handling in ports offer the advantage of being independent of human drivers. This allows for extended operating hours, reducing the impact of the growing shortage of qualified drivers. Furthermore, the automation of these vehicles significantly enhances safety, as they can operate with precision and consistency. Implementing this system within a whole fleet, such as in a seaport, further contributes to addressing the shortage of drivers and improves overall efficiency in transportation operations.

Drive-by-Wire technology enables full control of vehicle functions

The Drive-by-Wire technology employed in the vehicles allows for the control of all vehicle functions through a secure digital interface. This includes primary functions such as longitudinal and lateral acceleration, as well as secondary functions like ignition, gear selection, and turn signals. The AD-capable vehicles comply with all safety standards in this field, and even have the potential for road use. Additionally, the system provided by Arnold NextG offers status updates on fuel level, tire pressure, and can also indicate any vehicle or digital control errors.

MAFI and TREPEL prioritize autonomous driving in vehicle development

The CEO of MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH emphasized the importance of autonomous driving as a key focus in their vehicle development. With their upcoming innovation push, MAFI aims to leverage their extensive experience and expertise to create highly innovative products that maintain their traditional strengths of robustness and durability. By implementing this new strategy, MAFI aims to achieve long-term growth through the use of future-oriented technology and efficient production methods.

MAFI and TREPEL: Leading Manufacturers of Logistical Special Vehicles

MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH and TREPEL Airport Equipment GmbH are leading manufacturers of specialized intralogistics vehicles. Their products are used worldwide for loading operations in seaports, heavy industry, and logistics at airports. Both brands are known for their premium products, which are characterized by high quality and technological innovation. With more than 500 employees at their headquarters in Tauberbischofsheim, as well as in Wiesbaden and Bremerhaven, these companies are committed to providing efficient and reliable transport solutions. For more information, visit and

Collaboration between MAFI and Arnold NextG enables fleet retrofitting with automated driving systems

The collaboration between MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH and Arnold NextG offers numerous advantages for retrofitting fleets with automated driving systems. The plug-and-play solution provided by Arnold NextG enables existing vehicle platforms from MAFI to be retrofitted with a drive-by-wire system. This allows for the digital control of all driving functions and the autonomous operation of the vehicles. As a result, the vehicles’ operating times can be extended, and the shortage of qualified drivers in the logistics industry can be addressed. Additionally, automation increases safety and enables more efficient production. The collaboration between these two companies represents a significant step towards sustainable transportation solutions.

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