Arvato’s Innovative Robot Arm Leleka Automates Fashion Order Fulfillment


Arvato has implemented an advanced robot arm, called “Leleka”, at its Hannover location to automate the picking and sorting of fashion items in warehouse environments. Developed internally by Arvato’s research and development team, Leleka showcases the company’s commitment to innovation and operational efficiency. With its sophisticated AI-powered image processing, Leleka ensures reliable and efficient order fulfillment by accurately identifying and handling products. By streamlining manual tasks, Leleka relieves employees of tedious and repetitive responsibilities in the warehouse, ultimately optimizing operations and increasing productivity.

Arvato’s Leleka revolutionizes order fulfillment with automated sorting and picking

Leleka is an advanced robot arm developed by Arvato for automating the picking and sorting of fashion items in warehouse environments. Using AI-powered image processing, Leleka can accurately and efficiently handle large cartons filled with hundreds of items. Integrated into the BagSorter system in Hannover, the robot arm identifies the optimal grip point for each product, ensuring safe and efficient movement. It checks the visibility, correct orientation, and readability of barcodes, making it ideal for processing irregularly shaped and disorganized items.

The implementation of Leleka is driven by the need to relieve employees of tedious and repetitive manual tasks in the warehouse. With the increasing difficulty of recruiting new staff for these fundamental warehouse processes, Leleka fills this gap and accordingly alleviates the existing workforce. Combining a robot arm with AI algorithms based on image processing, Leleka is designed to handle complex logistics processes with exceptional accuracy and improve the quality of operations. This makes Leleka a perfect fit for Arvato’s automation strategy and meets the business requirements of its customers.

Leleka, developed by Arvato’s research and development team, offers long-term financial benefits by reducing the impact of labor shortages and automating routine tasks, thus relieving employees. It enhances operational stability and efficiency, and is capable of supporting Arvato’s logistics processes 24/7. This advanced robotic arm combines precision and decision-making accuracy through AI-controlled image processing, ensuring reliable and efficient order fulfillment. With Leleka, Arvato demonstrates its commitment to innovation and operational excellence.

Leleka operates with the efficiency of a human worker, eliminating the productivity losses associated with fatigue. The system is optimized for 24/7 operation, ensuring continuous performance. It works autonomously, requiring minimal human intervention only for tasks such as container replacement. The maintenance staff receives specialized training for initial setup, daily monitoring, and simple maintenance tasks. Currently, the collaboration between humans and robots occurs in the manual loading of full containers, but there are plans to automate this phase in the future.

The development of Leleka presented us with significant challenges, particularly in adapting theoretical concepts to real-world conditions. The chaotic arrangement of products in containers required the adjustment of complex criteria. However, through rigorous testing and adjustments, our project team successfully overcame these challenges, gaining valuable experience and a wealth of data for future implementations. Grzeskowiak already hints at further advancements on the horizon.

Overall, Arvato’s advanced robot arm, Leleka, offers numerous benefits for the logistics industry. It automates labor-intensive and repetitive manual tasks in warehouses, relieving employees and enhancing operational stability and efficiency. With its combination of a robot arm and AI algorithms, Leleka can handle complex logistics processes with exceptional accuracy, improving the quality of operations. Arvato’s focus on innovation and operational efficiency is reflected in the implementation of Leleka, which effectively meets the business requirements of its customers.

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