EMC Develops Image Processing System for Sensor Socket Quality Control


Sensor sockets used in cinema and streaming cameras may appear inconspicuous, but they play a crucial role. Their purpose is to hold the image sensor and establish a reliable connection between the sensor and the circuit board. In cinema and streaming cameras, all 847 sensor contacts must be executed correctly for error-free functionality. To ensure the sockets’ quality, EMC has developed an image processing system in collaboration with Rauscher, which inspects the sockets before sensor integration. This automated optical inspection solution addresses the challenge posed by the large number of contacts and enables efficient and reliable inspection of the sockets.

EMC Develops Image Processing System for Quality Control of Sensor Sockets

EMC has developed a sophisticated image processing system to ensure the flawless quality of sensor sockets before integrating them with the sensors. By utilizing the expertise and machine vision components from Rauscher GmbH Bildverarbeitung, EMC is able to conduct thorough quality control inspections on these crucial components.

Challenges of Inspecting Sensor Sockets with 847 Contacts

The challenge in inspecting the sensor sockets lies in the large number of 847 contacts. Performing a manual inspection would be time-consuming and practically impossible. Therefore, the EMC team sought an automated optical inspection solution and received support from the image processing experts at Rauscher.

Successful implementation of an inspection system despite lack of experience

Despite EMC’s lack of experience in image processing, they were able to successfully implement the inspection system. With the competent guidance from Rauscher, EMC was able to develop and deploy a reliable image processing system for testing sensor sockets.

Rauscher supports EMC in selecting suitable vision components

Rauscher provided support to EMC in selecting suitable image processing components and assisting with initial programming approaches. The implemented image processing system now enables the determination of additional characteristics of the sensor sockets and the detection of galvanic residues.

Rauscher provides successful image processing components for over a year

The image processing system has been successfully in use for over a year, utilizing various components such as the USB3 Vision camera ace2 Pro from Basler, a 1.1″ C-Mount lens also from Basler, and an LED ring light from MBJ Imaging. All of these components were sourced from Rauscher.

Efficient Implementation of Sensor Socket Inspection System through Collaboration with Rauscher

The collaboration with Rauscher allowed EMC to efficiently implement the image processing system for inspecting sensor sockets. The experience gained will benefit EMC in future image processing projects, where they will gladly rely on Rauscher as a partner again.

Automated Optical Inspection Ensures Quality of Camera Sensor Sockets

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