Avnet Embedded introduces first SMARC module family with Intel® Atom® x7000E processors and up to eight cores


Avnet Embedded expands its portfolio of SMARC? products with the scalable MSC SM2S-ALN module family that integrates Intel® Atom® x7000E, Intel® Core? i3 and Intel® N Series processors.

Avnet Embedded presents scalable MSC SM2S-ALN module family for IoT systems

Versatility meets innovation: Avnet Embedded’s MSC SM2S-ALN module family is ideal for applications such as automation, IoT and medical. With out-of-the-box SMARC modules and matching BSP, the solution provides early access to the new Intel® Atom® x7000E processor technology.

Avnet Embedded brings the latest generation of Intel Atom processors to the compact SMARC form factor with the introduction of a new family of modules. With the option for up to eight CPU cores, including the pin-compatible Intel Core i3 processor, the company is expanding its SMARC product range and offering customers the best solution for every application. Tim Jensen, Director of Product Innovation at Avnet Embedded, emphasises the importance of the company’s continued expansion of its embedded module offering.

With in-house development and automated manufacturing, Avnet Embedded offers innovative embedded modules with a minimum availability of 15 years. Customers benefit from secure system investment protection and the SMARC specification as a migration path to future technologies.

With the new MSC C6C-ALN module family, Avnet Embedded is expanding its product range with high-performance COM Express? Type 6 Compact modules based on Intel® Atom® x7000E processor technology.

Scalable SMARC module family MSC SM2S-ALN: Technical features

The MSC SM2S-ALN SMARC module family from Avnet Embedded is characterised by its scalability, which is made possible by the possibility of using different processor variants of the new Intel® Atom® generation. There is a choice of the powerful Intel® Core? i3-N305 with eight cores, 1.0 GHz/1.8 GHz, 32 EU, 9/15 W, the power-saving Intel® Atom® x7425E with four cores, 1.5 GHz, 24 EU, TCC, 12 W, the Intel® Atom® x7213E with two cores, 1.7 GHz, 16 EU, TCC, 10 W, the economical Intel® Atom® x7211E with two cores, 1.0 GHz, 16 EU, TCC, 6 W, the powerful Intel® processor N97 with four cores, 2.0 GHz, 24 EU, 12 W, the economical Intel® processor N200 with four cores, 1.0 GHz, 32 EU, 6 W and the energy-saving Intel® processor N50 with two cores, 1.0 GHZ, 16 EU, 6 W.

The CPU architecture of the MSC SM2S-ALN module family is based on efficient cores and powerful Intel UHD graphics with up to 32 execution units (EUs). This graphics technology is already in use in the 12th generation of Intel Core processors and facilitates switching between different CPUs with different performance data. In addition, the EUs are able to support AI applications, which are becoming increasingly important to enable intelligent applications of the future. To provide a comprehensive AI optimisation and deployment solution, Intel’s OpenVINO? Toolkit is supported by the MSC SM2S-ALN modules.

The scalable SMARC module family MSC SM2S-ALN is a powerful embedded system that can drive up to three independent 4k displays simultaneously. This makes it ideal for applications that require high display quality, such as medical imaging or industrial automation. The module family has several interfaces such as 2 x DisplayPort++, eDP 1.4b/MIPI-DSI/Dual-channel LVDS, PCIe Gen 3, 2 x USB 3.1 (10 Gb/s) , 6 x USB 2.0 and Dual Gigabit Ethernet (Intel® i226), which ensure fast and reliable data transmission.

The SMARC module family MSC SM2S-ALN is the perfect choice for network applications, as it was specifically designed for this area of application and supports TSN (Time-sensitive Networking) and Intel® TCC (Time Coordinated Computing). The precise time synchronisation of the network components ensures high performance and availability of the network, which is particularly important in industrial automation and automotive applications. The boards feature on-board LPDDR5-5200 memory with a maximum memory capacity of up to 16 GB and in-band ECC capability to ensure high data integrity and reliability.

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