AI-based Solution Enables Real-time Detection and Prevention of Urban Violence


With the increasing number of violent crimes in city centers, society is facing a growing challenge. According to the Police Crime Statistics 2022, a total of 1,084,688 cases of street crime were recorded in Germany, representing a 14.3 percent increase compared to the previous year. In order to continue making cities livable, it is of great importance to take measures for violence prevention. Modern AI technologies, such as IP cameras with intelligent detection and analysis functions, are increasingly being used for this purpose, enabling real-time surveillance.

Axis Communications and join forces to combat urban violence

The collaboration between Axis Communications and aims to reduce violent crimes in urban areas by utilizing innovative AI technology. has developed a KI solution that can be executed on Axis Communications’ cameras through the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP). This solution effectively identifies violent crimes through a combination of object detection and behavioral analysis, enabling authorities to detect disruptions to public order in real-time.

The algorithm for early detection of violence enables authorities to proactively monitor complex situations in crowded shopping streets, party areas, or large squares in real-time. When an incident occurs, the algorithm is triggered, sending a signal to the security personnel at the emergency and service control center (NSL). They can observe the incident and take necessary actions, such as calling the police or emergency services, if needed.

One key advantage of the AI-based analysis solution is its effective performance even under challenging conditions. Axis cameras incorporate technologies like Axis Lightfinder and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) that enable the generation of images with forensic value even in difficult lighting conditions. Additionally, the technology from ensures that the algorithm can detect aggression even with low pixel density.

The combination of artificial intelligence and network video technology has the potential to significantly reduce violence in urban areas. By utilizing AI algorithms and advanced video analytics, authorities can proactively identify and respond to potential violent incidents in real-time. This innovative solution, which is both ethically sound and compliant with data protection regulations, empowers cities, municipalities, and communities to create safer and more livable environments.

The AI solution developed by and Axis Communications has already been successfully implemented in the municipality of Sittard-Geleen in the Netherlands. This advanced technology is now available for interested cities, municipalities, and communities in the DACH region. It offers an innovative approach to detecting and proactively addressing acts of violence in urban areas, combining video surveillance and AI capabilities. This solution has the potential to significantly enhance public safety and create more livable cities.

The KI solution developed by and Axis Communications provides an innovative approach to detecting and proactively addressing violent crimes in urban areas. By combining video and AI technology, authorities can effectively monitor and respond to complex situations in real time. The advanced features of Axis cameras, such as Axis Lightfinder and Wide Dynamic Range, ensure the solution remains effective even in challenging lighting conditions. Overall, this KI solution represents a significant advancement in making cities safer and more livable.

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