Ayla Networks: 20 million investment in IoT growth


The developer platform Ayla has secured 20 million US dollars in an investor round. The fresh capital is to be used to expand its own position in the booming IoT market.

Ayla: Smart Home service provider

The company started with the development of machine learning and analysis tools that enable smart home providers to constantly monitor the functionality of their facilities. Monitoring generated data streams and making assumptions about the expected maintenance needs of ventilation and heating systems are part of the core business here. In addition, Ayla technologies can also be used for remote customer support. Systems can thus be serviced and repaired remotely without having to be sent in separately. All that is required is access to the developer’s proprietary cloud via an application.

Visualizer of the IIoT

But the IoT platform developer, founded in 2010, also has offerings in its portfolio for the entrepreneurial prospect. For example, Ayla solutions offer the ability to digitally break down and graphically display components of Internet of Things (IoT) systems. This applies not only to the physical end devices, but also to the associated software in the form of apps, clouds and voice functions.

Digital Twins for IoT Optimization

These digital twins enable users and developers to optimize IoT devices and anticipate connectivity issues. This then provides an opportunity, for example, to detect and fix network faults ahead of time without having to compromise connectivity or customer speed. Ayla provides automated extraction, analysis and processing of the necessary information for forecasting degraded performance capabilities, device failures and resulting costs.

Market outlook: participate in growing IoT appetite

Ayla Networks has let it be known that with the accumulated investor capital, it is primarily looking to expand its previous endeavors. Thus, the 20 million US dollars will be used primarily to secure shares in the growing IoT market. The focus is primarily on driving forward innovative products, expanding the potential in the marketing and sales area, and a general expansion into new customer markets in other countries.

After all, it is already foreseeable today that the demand for more and more diverse IoT offerings will continue to increase. This is especially true for segments in the private application area, but also in the industrial sector. The company sees the compatibility of Ayla’s technology with widely used systems such as Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa or even Android as a market advantage to be exploited.

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