Language technology in transition: Big Data as the key to success


In an increasingly digital and cross-media world, content plays a crucial role and must be delivered in many languages to reach a global audience. The Transline Group has established itself as one of the largest language service providers in Germany, relying on clever technologies to translate even large volumes of data quickly and efficiently.

More data, more need for translation: a global challenge

Every year, the volume of data worldwide doubles and is further accelerated by neural networks such as ChatGPT. Companies need to prepare for more translation needs to remain competitive in the age of globalisation.

At the Reutlingen-based Transline Group, they rely on high technology to make significant advances in the areas of computer-assisted and machine translation, speech recognition, computer linguistic quality checking and efficient collaboration.

Big Data and Efficiency: How Transparency Makes the Difference

Transline’s ERP system includes AI-supported resources and an order platform called TBlue. Customers can use it to set up their projects centrally, commission them around the clock and manage them clearly.

When it comes to managing translation projects, Transline’s TBlue offers great advantages. The software has been specifically developed to handle large amounts of data and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of clients.

Connectivity and process modelling: TBlue as valuable support

The TBlue translation platform provides a solution for large industrial clients faced with technically disconnected systems. By integrating connectors into different content systems, the translation process is automated. After the target texts have been released, a fully automatic transfer back into the original system takes place.

In a dynamic and technologically demanding environment, consultants and solution finders like personal project managers are indispensable. Each project coordinator at Transline is closely networked with their industry team to realise the “One Team to the Customer” principle. Our “Team Home Appliances” consists of experts from different departments, including translators, proofreaders, quality managers, computer linguists, cross-media professionals, IT developers and process consultants. Business Process Modelling is a key task in Language Consulting to simplify complex workflows.

How can technologisation and artificial intelligence enhance or replace human competences?

Although AI-based translations can provide a quick solution in some cases, human translation is still needed to capture cultural diversity and language nuances that cannot be fully captured by machine systems.

Tilman Speidel emphasises that it is the responsibility of humans to check the results of algorithms. The professional field of human linguists has adapted to the needs of the market over time and now focuses on new tasks, such as posting machine-translated texts or performing transcreation.

Does the size of a team affect the final result?

As a Transline client, you enjoy considerable synergy benefits through cooperation with our seven locations. The coordination of our expert teams takes place discreetly and smoothly in the background, so that the client does not have to worry about anything. We ensure that the right professional is available for every project.

The size of a company is not decisive in the digital era. Rather, it is factors such as flexibility and the ability to innovate that make a company successful.

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