Bizerba RetailApp “MyOrder”: connected retail in omnichannel


The retail app MyOrder from Bizerba focuses on the customer experience. The supermarket of the future envisages complete networking in the area of convenience, among other things, and with it new hardware and software solutions.

Retail app MyOrder from Bizerba for the networked supermarket

The areas of convenience and freshness are to become more intelligent in the supermarket thanks to the retail app MyOrder. The company Bizerba is focusing on new solutions that complement the smart shelves already in use. For example, they will ensure that empty shelves are replenished in good time. Queues and manual checks are prevented by self-checkout solutions. Here, Bizerba is relying on the will of customers to be involved in the purchasing process themselves, not only by selecting products, but also by influencing decisions and processes. This is referred to as customer empowerment. This process can be observed above all in food retailing.

If you want to be successful as a retailer, you have to rely on smart shelves as a method of customer participation. Innovative solutions for the retail sector are therefore in demand. The Bizerba solution to support Smart Shelf therefore envisages holistic networking and will present the retail app MyOrder at EuroShop 2023. At the show, customers will experience different areas of the supermarket, including convenience. Self-service, ordering at the order terminal and Smart Shelf will be demonstrated.

Orders at the fresh food counter will be possible via the app, which will be sent to the K3 counter scale. There, in turn, there is an automatic slicer that packs and labels the ordered products provided by the team. Customers have to plan for shorter waiting times, and at the same time the work processes for the staff are improved.

Modern solutions for retailers

With the app, retailers can take advantage of numerous benefits. Smart Shelf ensures that every removal of goods from the shelf is recorded by weight and number. This makes inventory management much easier. Customers, in turn, benefit because they always find full shelves, and replenishment processes run just in time. At the same time, the company receives precise information on how sales are going, whether certain products are selling particularly well depending on the day of the week or whether the time of day plays a role in sales. Increased customer satisfaction and an effective goods management system are just two of the benefits of the new solutions.

About Bizerba

The company, based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is regarded as the world’s leading supplier of high-precision products and solutions for various activities related to shopping. Weighing, labeling, paying and picking are on the agenda and are to be made easier in all areas. Automation and networking are on the agenda at the company, which today employs more than 4,500 people. The company is represented in 120 countries and is now in its fifth generation of management. Individual solutions are offered as well as complete cloud solutions and modern hardware.

For more information on the new shopping experience and the app, the following contact is available:

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